1. And yet, my Senator still hasn’t released the City of South Fulton bill to get the requisite (spelling?) signatures from the members of the Atlanta-Fulton delegation since he introduced it as local legislation.

  2. 4ofspades says:

    When both Johns Creek and Milton pass in July this year, all of North Fulton will be incorporated.

  3. RonaldJFehr says:

    Andre or 4,

    How do these incorporations affect us statewide? Or do they? This may not be the place to get that question answered, because I’m not sure there are many other people from South of Macon posting here. It seems to me that these incorporations make perfect sense.

    Does the whole state get to vote on them or just Atlanta? Why would it be July that they finally get incorporated?


  4. 4ofspades says:

    RJF – They do not impact you statewide. The only people who vote on them are the people in the area’s effected (just like ths Sandy Springs vote)

    First step is getting the leg. passed and signed by the Gov. Then the item will be on the ballot, I believe the 7/18 primary for Milton and Johns Creek, and the November general for South Fulton.

    The municipal elections for North Fulton would be held in November. I don’t know when they would happen in South Fulton.

    I believe there are other parts of the state that are looking at something simliar though.

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