Off to D.C.

In a few hours I will be flying to Washington to, among other things, attend a press conference by the Republican Study Committee(RSC). The RSC is a caucus of conservative House members and at their press conference tomorrow they will unveil a budget proposal that cuts $650 billion from the budget over five years.

Captain’s Quarters praises the coming proposal:

As part of that effort, the alternative budget sharply cuts back on three bureaucracies that have long irritated conservatives: Energy, Commerce, and Education. The latter especially is seen as an incursion into what should be local and state provenance. George Bush has escalated federal education spending in terms that even Ted Kennedy could appreciate, but the real reforms promised have not yet materialized: school choice and real accountability for results. The better approach appears to be putting education issues back into the local communities where they belong and mandating a system that allows for competition between schools to provide the proper motivation for improvement. It’s time that we challenged the socialist model of schooling as that seems to have left our most vulnerable children trapped in schools that do not allow them to learn.

The House conservatives offer a return to fiscal sanity on Republican terms — less government, less bureaucracy, more responsiveness. The GOP should embrace this, because the Democrats will surely grab the mantle for fiscal sanity themselves — and the cuts they make will not at all look like the cuts needed.

The RSC has over 100 members including Georgians Gingrey, Kingston, Linder, Norwood, Price and Westmoreland.

I’ll give a full report of this event, as well as my other activities when I return.


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