First SB 5, now Richardson, Johnson, Perdue and Housing Authorities

The House Judiciary Committee voted down a Porter/Hugley Amendment that would have stripped Housing Authorities of their ability to use eminent domain. The Democratic leadership would not have had to file an amendment if Gov. Perdue’s bill did what it claimed – keep Housing Authorities from being able to use eminent domain. As the bill stands right now, Housing Authorities can initiate the eminent domain process and carry it all the way to the point of only needing a rubber stamp from a county commission. Effectively, it would be a matter of the Housing Authorities telling their commissions which i’s to dot and which t’s to cross as the two are reviewing the documents that will condemn the homes of Georgians.
The Republican leadership of Glenn Richardson and Eric Johnson are continuing to line up behind developers, leaving the people’s property to be condemned. For Housing Authorities, Kelo is expanded.  Regardless, the Republicans in charge certainly are coming up with some creative ways to seize people’s property. SB 5 last year and now this?  Isn’t the Speaker a county attorney, and doesn’t he represent a bunch of developers?
It looks as though Gov. Perdue’s New Day is just a New Way to take your property.


  1. JaseLP says:

    The committee subsitute for HB 1313 is a joke. From what I saw today, it was gutted even more. The only chance this legislation has is in the Senate.

  2. hccitizen says:

    It has been tough to remain a Republican loyalist. It seems on every turn we are dealt significant blows to our confidence.

    Sonny’s platform included strong language about ethics reform. He proposed legislation that would have greatly enhanced Georgia’s laws. Of course, the state Senate watered it down by removing any culpability for elected officials. The Ethics in Government Act needed teeth – what we got was House and Senate ethical oversight committees where the foxes are left guarding the henhouse.

    Then we got SB5. What a slap! Now our buddy from Macon wants to give developers a quasi-government status. A decent eminenent domain package was introduced, but some kind of super-human intelligence kicked in. What we are going to get will be nothing.

    I consider myself a Reagan Republican. A conservative. On the Right. The first Republican control of Georgia in 130 years is turning out like a chicken waching a card trick.

    Zig Zag Zell wrote about a Deficit of Decency. No doubt he was pondering the Georgia legislature as much as national trends. What is it about money, power and ego that drives these people? It certainly has nothing to do with conservatism or ethics or protecting the people of Georgia.

  3. hccitizen says:

    “I have nothing but contempt for the kind of [legislator] who is afraid, for whatever reason, to follow the course that he knows is best for the State; and as for the man who sets private friendship (or private profit) above the public welfare – I have no use for him either.”

  4. HJ Bailey says:

    They should have passed Senator Chapman’s bill. I commend the Senate for passing a tough bill against eminent domain last session and condemn the house and the governor for stopping it. It is sick and disgraceful as a Republican that they won’t pass a tough bill to protect our rights.

  5. HJ Bailey says:

    Oh yes, and citizen, I like that last quote you put up. Republicans and Democrats both do it. The democrats like Bobby Kahn can try to take the moral high ground on this issue, but if they were in control, they would do the same thing.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Maybe the difference between a Republican and a Democrat has become: If you are a Republican, you prefer stabbing people in the back. If you are a Democrat, you prefer stabbing people in the gut.

    Meaning, Democrats say one thing, and do that one thing. Republicans say one thing in theory (i.e., when they were not in power) and tend to do the exact opposite in practice (when they win governing majorities).

    So, to conclude, Democrats tend to be more intellectually honest in the agenda they pursue than Republicans do. Not a very happy conclusion, but, upon examining the crap coming out of D.C. and stuff like Bobby’s comments on what the Housing Authority has authority over doing, it’s becoming more and more disheartening to get charged-up about anyone in public office.

  7. Booray says:

    What are you people talking about? This place is often detached from reality, especially when Bobby Kahn posts.

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