Debate continues on stem cells

Senator David Shafer (R-Duluth) is in the AJC today writing in support of his stem cell bill:

SB 596 creates a network of blood and tissue banks to collect stem cells from the umbilical cord and placental tissues that are routinely thrown away after each newborn delivery. These tissues are rich in stem cells which may be used for scientific research and medical treatment. In fact, more than 65 treatments and cures have already been developed from these stem cells, and treatments for many more diseases are currently being studied.

In testimony before the Senate Science and Technology Committee, many of the state’s leading doctors, scientists and health care organizations urged passage of SB 596, saying it would advance research, cure disease and alleviate human suffering.

Those same doctors, scientists and health care organizations endorsed the prohibition on human cloning, saying that it would redirect scarce resources from dubious science to the development of cures and treatments for injury and disease.

The proponents of human cloning, like the proponents of eugenics, hide behind the language of pseudoscience. They have misrepresented the intent and effect of SB 596, causing unfortunate confusion that has made honest discussion of this issue difficult. Even worse, they have frightened some of the very people the bill was drafted to help.


  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This is a well written bill that deserves enormous support. It has broad support and needs to move forward.

  2. spaceygracey says:

    Wow! A Republican Georgia Senator with sensible, progressive legislation. What’s next? ITP liberal feminist Democrats who’d likely support such an agenda, if he wasn’t in BF Duluth that is. Weird vibe in that place: meth-heads for Jesus and runaway wacko brides galore!

  3. Too bad the Cagle/Shafer bill puts scientists who “commit” embryonic stem cell research in jail for 10 years. They think they’ve pulled the wool over people’s eyes by doing the umbilical cord bank (very good thing) but they are trying to suck up to Sadie Fields by doing a very bad thing as well — putting scientists in jail for doing the same kind of research that Bill Frist and President Bush support.

    Read the bill, it’s not as fun as reading blog comments, but it’s just as easy.

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