Casey Cagle introduces Medicaid audit bill

State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Casey Cagle announced today that he has introduced legislation to require a comprehensive audit of Georgia’s Medicaid system, with a focus on eliminating illegal benefits claims.
Specifically, Cagle’s legislation would direct the Georgia Department of Community Health to conduct financial and performance audits of the Medicaid program to determine whether any individuals who are ineligible for benefits are receiving them.  The plan is modeled after a similar audit – in which Cagle also played a lead role – of the State employee benefits system that has already saved millions in taxpayer funded insurance costs.

“Healthcare costs continue to rise by double digit margins every year, even as the number of Georgians who rely on Medicaid to cover their health care increases.  The result is that we have a fiscal crisis on the horizon, and we need to act now to avoid it,

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  1. Beth says:

    Amazing how, as a Senator, Casey Cagle is in a position to do something about voting for the citizens of Georgia and not just talk about change.

    Elect a leader, not a laughingstock!

    ~ Cagle ‘06

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