1. Beth says:

    It was interesting. A little bit of mud but good. Ralph did have a few slip up’s. He sadi he looked forward to Jan. when he was swarm in as Gov. Also we he said something about leading Florida.

    Interesting that Kemp & Greer were at the dinner, Handel was at the debate and dinner. No Stephens, Black was represented but not there.

  2. HJ Bailey says:

    Yeah, I found it interesting that Black just blew the event off. I think he had confirmed being there. Guess there was something more important to him.

  3. Statesman says:

    Heard that there was a good crowd down there, I find it interesting though that Gary Black did not show up, guess he did not think that the event was important. Also heard that most everyone there were Kemp supporters.

  4. Rusty Paw says:

    I heard the crowd was really divisively split between Strickland and Greer. Violently split even. Heard there were a number of fights broken up in the parking deck. Apparently they were real turned off by those A**-kicking cowboy boots the Kemp crowd sports- a little too intimidating.

    Everyone did seem real excited about Perry McGuire and Chuck Scheid though!

    I’m stunned each passing day by how good a Netroots job the Mackulhannon candidates do. Really hitting the blogs so hard that there’s not much time left to actually campaign. As the saying goes though “you don’t win votes by meeting people, you win votes by being online more than your opponent!”

    I think that’s how it goes.

    Rusty Out

  5. Statesman says:

    Rusty, sounds like you are the one who needs the kick back into reality by the Kemp boots. Rusty you have nothing better to say then to make fun of the shoes people wear— what a loser!

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