Cox on Offense

She’s been out talking.

Young and old, blacks and whites were among a near capacity crowd of 80 Democrats at Ruth Ann’s Restaurant on Saturday to hear Secretary of State Cathy Cox.

She didn’t leave them disappointed.

Cox spoke for 35 minutes in the dining room of the Columbus eatery, describing a state government that is inaccessible to the people and ineffective in dealing with problems in education and health care. Problems start at the top with Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue, she said.

Cox is running against Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor for the Democratic nomination and a chance to challenge Perdue. The Democratic and Republican primary election is July 19. The Democratic nominee will likely face Perdue in the Nov. 7 General Election.

“The pendulum is swinging our way,


  1. Romegaguy says:

    My favorite part was her comments on lobbyists. Guess they dont apply to her husband…

  2. c310driver says:

    Unfortunately for Georgia citizens statewide…few really know the “real”….Mrs. Cox. She will not stop at anything to lift herself onto the podium as ” the righteous protector of Georgia citizens/consumers” …unfortunately for both she tends to use a bazooka to take care of ant hills….. Georgia consumers and voters have and will pay the price for her very selfish actions for decades to come.

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