BellSouth Being Bought

BellSouth, perhaps the company I hate the most, is being bought by AT&T. AT&T, formerly SBC, at least seems to get it, but those of you reading this blog should be reminded that both AT&T and BellSouth want a tiered internet that forces you to pay more money to get good service.

BellSouth, as recently as last week, was contemplating charging consumers who use their crappy DSL by the byte of usage.

I, for one, have a relationship with BellSouth via Cingular, but otherwise have Cox Cable and, through that internet connection, an Earthlink TruVoice account.


  1. Are you satisfied with the Earthlink VOIP? I’m about to move to a condo that will have either T1/T3 service (hopefully the latter) so VOIP seems only natural. I like Earthlink/Mindspring as a company so sticking with them for future services is preferable.

  2. Harry says:

    Last week I switched from Bellsouth DSL to Comcast internet….three times greater bandwidth up and down.

    Having said that, I believe the new entity will prove more innovative and competitive.

  3. NewnanYankee says:

    While I don’t think there will be too many consumers shedding a tear over this, I do think that this buyout will mean a huge loss for Atlanta in terms of civic leadership.

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