AJC on Senator Chapman

The AJC has a great article on State Senator Jeff Chapman (R-Brunswick). Chapman has been one of the biggest supporters of eminent domain reform in the General Assembly. Being a Libertarian, eminent domain abuse is a serious concern, especially since it’s happening in my county.

Chapman believes eminent domain should be used only for government projects like roads and authored a bill to that effect last year. It passed the Senate this year but is lying dormant in a House committee while Perdue’s proposals have sailed through as House Bill 1313.

Perdue’s bill calls for an end to taking people’s property for economic development and gives property owners stronger legal rights but allows taking and redevelopment of blighted and unsafe properties.

Chapman said, “Eminent domain was never intended as a tool to remedy blight. I believe those expanding the definition of eminent domain beyond that are not upholding the U.S. Constitution.”

I’ve had a couple of private chats with Senator Chapman. I’ve never met someone so sincere in their beliefs and convictions.


  1. HJ Bailey says:

    I am thankful for leaders like Chapman. They are the ones that stand up for things that need to be done to protect the rights of Georgians, despite opposition. Go get them Senator.

  2. Melb says:

    I wish House republicans thought for themselves like this Senator…oh well, wishful thinking.

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