Casey Cagle proposes legislation to aid in immigration compliance

Senator and Lt. Governor candidate has introduced legislation today that would create a new “Immigration Enforcement Director” position within the state Office of Homeland Security. 

The Director would be charged with two key responsibilities.  First, the new position would focus on ensuring that employers are aware of their responsibilities under federal and state laws pertaining to immigration.  Secondly, the Director would be responsible for ensuring that all state agencies have the information they need to comply with state and federal law, with a specific focus on agencies that provide public benefits.

“Our immigration laws create a large set of mandates for Georgia employers.  I have discussed those laws with numerous employers, and they clearly want to comply with them but often lack the information needed to do so effectively.  This new focus within the Office of Homeland Security will close this gap, and give employers the information and assistance they need to fully comply with the law,” said Cagle.

“The second focus of our bill is giving state agencies — particularly those that provide public benefits — a better ability to determine how immigration laws apply to their delivery of benefits and services to applicants.  In my view, this information can return significant revenues to Georgia taxpayers as we improve our ability to limit illegal access to public benefits,” Cagle continued.

Cagle is a long-time leader on immigration reform with a record of results.  He is a co-author of legislation introduced by Senator Chip Rogers to fundamentally reform Georgia’s immigration policies.


  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Clearly Georigia has both a need for immigrants and a problem with illegals. From the many discussions I’ve had with people they either keep it out of sight out of mind or have the mindset that they are Al-Quada. Both responses are equally as bad.

    There needs to be a way to manage the employer demands, security, and the financial burden placed on communities.

    Another piece of pro-active legislation from Senator Cagle.

    On a different piece of legislation SB 596 is tremendous. This is a much needed piece of legislation for Georgia.

    Many times there is a conflict between Science, Law and Ethics. As I read this bill, I find that it is enormously enabling for good research without violating sound ethics. As one who is afflicted with FascioScapuloHumeral Muscular Dystrophy, and been a research recipient, I applaud this piece of pro-active legislation.

    It is endorsed by many conservative groups. Yesterday I contacted the FSH Society in Boston. Their response after reading the bill, was positive. “The Georgia Bill is far less complicated and cord blood is an excellent resource for stem cells and embryonic stem cell material as well. The definitions in the bill are helpful and an excellent idea.”

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