AJC & Blogs.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has drawn praise from a journalism professor and his students for it’s use of blogs:

“A massive selection of blogs,


  1. GaMongrel says:

    It’s nice to be able to respond to the reporter, when they approve of your ‘response’.

    I’ve had one or two that they refused to publish. No vulgarity or the such on my part, just took them to task for what I thought was shoddy reporting.

  2. spaceygracey says:

    Yeah, isn’t that so totally cool, isnt’ it? Communicating about “stuff” like feeble-minded sports stars, overly-marketed fish tanks, traffic, pantyhose and B-list celebs.

    Too bad all that creative energy and waste-o-cyber-space can’t be used to write even one flavorful graph about, oh say, rinky-dink ‘lil ole federal corruption trials ’round the ATL.

    But the AJC has, in record time, destroyed its grand legacy of “flavorful” regional writing.

    See this Columbia Journalism Review article for more on that peach of a disgrace:

    Makes you yearn for even just one tired old zinger from that racist, sexist old drunk, L. Grizzard, now don’t it?

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