So what do you think?

Officials are examining whether Dunwoody should become a city.

State Sen. Dan Weber, R-Dunwoody, filed legislation last week that would let voters decide if they want to form a city with a mayor and city council that would assume duties now handled by DeKalb County commissioners.

Should we have a Dunwoody?


  1. Michael C says:

    Sandy Springs paved the way. If, like Sandy Springs, the majority of Dunwoodys tax revenues head south and never come back in full, I am all for it.

  2. Too bad they don’t! Dunwoody gets a lot of attention from DeKalb County. Vernon Jones is practically obsessed with the Northern end of the county. If he reinstated 100% (instead of 80%) of the HOST revenues to property tax relief even Weber might be placated.

    What Weber is trying to do is kill unincorporated DeKalb. What I’m trying to figure out is why? We have great county services, two day a week trash, responsive agencies, new parks (in all parts of the county)…I certainly hope the trend in this state is not to redraw political subdivisions once the party in power on a statewide level can no longer win them.

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