Don’t make your local Sheriff mad.

He might stick you in a cell with an accused killer.

Last week, the father of accused plane thief Daniel Andrew Wolcott demanded the resignation of Gwinnett Sheriff Butch Conway because the Sheriff would not allow their son to use dental floss while in jail and this terrible injustice has damaged their son’s teeth.

Conway solved the problem by moving Wolcott into a cell with an accused wife killer. Conway explained:

“I had him moved to a cell with Bart Corbin,” Conway said Sunday. “[Corbin’s] trained in dentistry, and if there are any complications, they can advise the medical unit. [Wolcott] just had his wisdom teeth out, so I think it’s a good thing he’s in a cell with a dentist.”

Read the entire story here.


  1. atlantaman says:

    In fairness Bill, they should not have been bitching about lack of access to dental floss. I think it’s very funny. If Wolcott’s dad had kept his mouth shut about his son not having dental floss – he wouldn’t be sitting in a jail cell with an alleged murderer.

    I floss once a day, but if I were sitting in jail I guess I would just rinse my mouth extra hard. I sure wouldn’t want my dad on the outside dreaming of new ways to piss the jailer off.

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