Douglas draws an opponent

This time it’s a Democrat:

CONYERS — Rockdale County resident Sylvia Delamar announced this week she will run for the Georgia Senate District 17 seat held by Republican John Douglas of Covington.

Delamar, 28, said she will run as a “conservative Democrat


  1. HJ Bailey says:

    All of these liberals are trying to hide under a cloak of ” conservative Democrat.” They have no chance. John will teach this one a lesson.

  2. Melb says:

    Well Mrs. Delamar is not pro-choice. I think that is one of the reasons she considers herself a conservative dem.

  3. Cadillac says:

    Come on, does she really think she can win? I guess she did not learn her lesson from the whoopin Congressman Westmoreland gave her. Nobody is going to take he seriously.

  4. HJ Bailey says:

    That is nice for her. Doesn’t make her a Conservative. Why vote for a pretend Conservative when you have a real one representing you??

  5. elaine says:


    That wasn’t necessary. We all know Dylan Glenn was much more qualified than Sylvia Delamar to be in that race. If he’d won the primary, he would probably have won by a larger margin than Lynn Westmoreland.

    Yeah, she’s gonna get a can opened up on her, just like in the Congressional race. At least she’s got the guts to run. That or she’s just an easy target for Democrats to put in any race they don’t have a candidate for.

  6. landman says:

    Is it just me or is every Demacrat running for something a “conservative dem”,give me a break,please.She doesnt stand a chance.

  7. davefmc says:

    It seems as if the only reason folks on this blog have come up with that she is unqualified is that she lost a Congressional race. Our last two presidents lost congressional races in thier first time out, so maybe a more substative arguement is needed?

  8. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Why is it that every liberal hates to be called a “liberal”? They all want to be called “progressive”, “moderate” or even “conservative”.

    On second thought, I would hate to be called a liberal too. Regardless, Syliva wont raise any money and even be a blip on the radar screen for Douglas this fall.

  9. rightontheleft says:

    I saw Ms. Delamar at a debate during the congressional race. She was a nice enough person but not ready for Congress or the State Assembly. My guess is that she misses talking to Mike Crotts while people paid attention to Westmoreland and Glenn. But she had better talk fast … Crotts won’t be around by the time of the general election.

  10. Rusty Paw says:

    Hey Brian,

    The Glenn comment would be a lot funnier from anyone who didn’t have a rock solid hard-on for everything Robert Lamutt does, says or eats. Why don’t you tell your dream candidate to sell some more real estate, get a haircut and try to buy another race.

    Okay, so we’ll get to work on that? Thanks, cause I want some more of your intimate “Insider” commentary for the next nine months.

    Appreciate it,

  11. Skeptical says:

    This could be a long one so everyone settle in:

    First off, I am a FLAMING LIBERAL. Not a progressive or (god forbid!) a moderate UGA Wins 2005 – a L-I-B-E-R-A-L and damn proud of it!

    Now, as to why you should continue reading – I live in this district and I know Mrs. Delamar. This will not be a case of eating one’s own, but a case of simply stating facts.

    She is not qualified for this position any more than she was for the US Congressional seat she “ran” for in 2004. She ran one of the most ineffective campaigns I’ve ever seen. The sad part of that is that she didn’t seem to notice.

    She cannot raise the money needed for such a race. The Democrats in this district did not support her in the past. Why start now? I will not support her and I’ve very active in party politics on a local and state level. She says she’s a conservative Democrat. Hell, I know Republicans more liberal than her.

    On the other hand, John Douglas is not invincible. He’s done some things under the Gold Dome that, if done correctly, someone could capitalize on to defeat him, but unfortunately for Mrs. Delamar, she does not have her finger on the pulse of the entire district.

    She is a weak candidate because she refuses to accept that she is weak and needs help. It appears that she learned nothing from her unsuccessful run in 2004 and everyone (Democrat, Republican and those who could care less) is better off when someone who won’t learn from their mistakes is not put in charge of making important decisions that affect them all.

  12. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Wow Rusty. Can you even recall the last time I said anything regarding Lamutt? Yeaa, cause it was like a month ago. You must be one of these guys that sits in the campaign office all day reading every post for the past three months, and not doing a damn thing to help his candidate win. Sorry man, I dont have time to do that. And as far as the insider remark. I am not an insider, frankly I dont care to be. I will stay out here in the boondocks minding my own and let everyone with fake SNs tear each other apart on here.

  13. atlantaman says:

    Lynn won the runoff against Dylan by more then 5% points. He won the general with 76% of the vote. So I’m not sure what your reasoning is for thinking Dylan would have won by a wider margin then Lynn would have in that Congressional race.

  14. elaine says:


    It’s the demographics. The Republican base would have voted for Dylan just like they did for Lynn. And I think Dylan would have gotten a few of the black votes that Silvia got. Thus beating Sylvia by a larger margin.

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