Weekend Open Thread

Have at it. I’m trying to spend some time with the wife and child before having to go to Orlando for four days starting Sunday.

But, we’ll all be around as needed to update the site.

One topic I’m interested in hearing about is how you all think we could improve the site.


  1. HowardDawg says:

    with all this talk of consultants (some of which is really disturbing), why don’t we define who they are and who they work for?

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Talking about consultants is “disturbing?” Wow! What’d I miss on the Lisa Baron thread that got deleted?

    By the way, Erick, speaking of disturbing, your idol worship of Jimmy Baron is QUITE disturbing. Dude, these guys just spin records…why do you hold Jimmy Baron in awe?

  3. GetReal says:

    If you’re a Republican, you know you’re doing something REALLY bad if AJC GOP Hack Jim Wooten attacks you. He exposes more crony capitalism masquerading as free market conservatism in his column today.

    It’s on bills by Larry O’Neal (Perdue’s House Floor Leader) and Cecil Staton (the same guy who got caught earlier this year trying to slip condemnation power for private development into a bill).


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