Sticking it to AirTran

I realize that Delta is more of a Georgia institution than AirTran, but I gotta tell you, I commute each week to Washington, DC, and have more and more started preferring AirTran to Delta. So, I’m a bit peeved that the state is going to snub AirTran while helping Delta overcome its bankruptcy.

Delta Air Lines would get the chance to recapture $28 million in “trapped


  1. ddreyer says:

    I disagree Erick. I have nothing against AirTran, they provide a great service, they employ a ton of Georgians and they have begun very commendable philanthropy efforts in Georgia. However, they are based in Orlando, not Georgia.

    Delta employs significantly more people, it has a 75-year history in Georgia and its corporate HQ is here. If Delta collapsed, no doubt every corner of Georgia would feel the pain, for a long time. If we lost AirTran, it would certainly hurt, no doubt about it, but Georgia could compensate.

    I have no problem leveling the playing field for GEORGIA companies. Legislators have acknowledged the same. It was even suggested that if AirTran move here, a similar amount of incentives might be offered. If AirTran wants the same deal as Delta, come to Georgia.

    Here is a more comprehensive article on the subject from yesterday’s Business Chronicle.

  2. GAWire says:

    I agree with you, Erick! As someone that also flies the ATL-DCA route often, I first go to Air Tran before checking Delta’s fares and flight availability. This is a lot for me, b/c I have always been a Delta guy and I am the type of person that shops Home Depot despite Lowes’ better prices sometimes b/c I like to support hometown institutions, which Delta WAS a great example. Notice I said WAS! I still like to support Delta, but I also consider Air Tran another growing hometown institution – and they are technically an Atlanta-based company. Air Tran is giving Delta a run for its money, and Delta is paying for their decline in service and lack of focus on market competition. The reason they are still a little more ahead is b/c of their history here, but at the rate they are running, it won’t last long.

  3. larry smith says:

    Personally, spending the extra 40-50 bucks to fly Delta is a no-brainer. AirTran has terrible customer service, unreliable scheduling, random delays and a questionable safety record.

    My time is worth far more than the relatively minor savings I get from flying a discount carrier. I wish more passengers felt that way, frankly.

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