Perdue Well Ahead

Rasmussen, whose polls have been phenomenally accurate over the past two years, shows Sonny well ahead of both Democrats.

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue (R) holds a 20-point lead over two challengers who would like to replace him as Governor.

Perdue leads Secretary of State Cathy Cox (D), 54% to 34%. He leads Lt. Governor Mark Taylor (D) 53% to 33% margin.

The overall flavor of the race has changed little since our January election poll in Georgia. Perdue now enjoys a slightly larger lead over Cox than he did a month ago.

Perdue became Governor four years ago as one of the surprises in Election 2002. He is the first Republican Governor of Georgia in over 100 years.

Perdue also has a 60% approval rating compared to 55% for Cox and 48% for Taylor. While early, Taylor should be worried that he is at 48% at the point in the year when he usually has his highest profile as President of the State Senate.


  1. Skeptical says:

    Funny. Polls in 2002 showed Barnes and Cleland with huge leads too. Just goes to show that you can’t trust polls in this state.

  2. Rasmussen just put out a poll in Pennsylvania which showed Lynn Swann (R) beating Ed Rendell (D), something like 45-42. Quinnipiac released one that was in the field at basically the same time which showed Rendell ahead something like 48-35.

    So who can we believe in Georgia? Well, I dunno. But I know Denise Majette, John Kerry and Mac Barber all got at least 40% in Georgia so I can’t imagine Cox or Taylor falling below that number. And really, I think the floor is closer to 45%.

    So 12% of the state who will end up voting for Cox or Taylor no matter what are either undecided or in Perdue’s camp right now. I’d guess about half of them are in his camp. I think Perdue is at a similar point in this race as a lot of other incumbent governors. 50ish-40ish. Is it something to get excited about (if you’re a Democrat)? No. But if you’re a Republican I certainly wouldn’t be any more confident than normal with an incumbent governor who is reasonably well liked.

  3. ugadog says:

    I think it’s interesting that Cathy Cox has based her whole campaign on the polls and the idea that she has a better chance to beat Perdue than Taylor does. Now she is only 1% above and most likely still falling. I guess that bump she got from spending government money to boost her name recognition is finally wearing off. I guess in the serious race for governor, voters actually want a candidate with a resume.

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