McElhannon and the Netroots

Say what you will able to the Cagle, Kemp, Reed, and Black campaigns, but know this — Joel McElhannon appears to get blogs. While that is no indicator of the ability to win elections, it is noticeable to this blogger than within fifteen minutes of ever putting up anything on either the Lt. Gov.’s race or the Ag Commissioner’s race, the Cagle and Kemp supporters come out in force to praise their guys and beat the hell out of the opponents. Besides having zealous supporters, many of whom are cross overs supporting both Cagle and Kemp with equal zeal, these candidates also employ Joel McElhannon. I feel safe in saying that the zealous commentariat at Peach Pundit would not be what it is, but for a little encouragement from Joel. While there has been some criticism that Joel does not understand grassroots building, I think we can rest assured that he fully understands netroots.


  1. Cadillac says:

    I have to agree that McElhannon does seem to have the advantage on Black and Reed when it comes to this. I think people will be suprised with the grassroots effort that Kemp and Cagle will have. This will be due to the two good candidates that McEhannon has.

  2. Jack S says:

    he’s ruthless and as I’ve said before I’ve been on the receiving end of it so I hate him, but he does know what he’s doing and he knows how to pick the right candidates to work for.

    I am enjoying seeing him go to town on Reed and Black – the lobbyist ticket of 2006.

  3. landman says:

    Like him or not what McElhannon is,is a winner!!!You show me a consultant that has a 75% winning average in this state other than him.These were not layup wins either and this number will be higher after this cycle as I see him winning out this year.

    You dont win like this if you dont understand the game completely,including Grassroots.You will see true current day Grassroots in action in the Cagle and Kemp campaigns this year.the Republican voter landscape has changed and McElhannon seems to have a good read on the tea leaves and has positioned his candidates very well for the upcoming Primaries and General.

    With that said I think it has been way to easy on him in the Lt.Gov race as he has not had to engage yet,but Im certain when its time he will be ready to answer the call and I would not want to be on the recieving end,but as we all know Politics is a full contact sport and it will be interesting to watch!!!!!!

  4. larry smith says:

    If McElhannon and Jared Thomas had a wrestling match in a tub of pudding or something, who do you think would win?

  5. JulieSMI says:

    somebody on here a while ago was picking on him saying he’s a big guy. I met him a few weeks ago at an event and I have to say I think he’s cute.

    Don’t know much about his work.

  6. HowardDawg says:

    With all this talk of “consultants” it’d be nice to know who they all are and who they work for.

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