Holy Cow!

Until Clayton emailed me, I didn’t put Lisa Baron together with Jimmy Baron, the morning personality on 99X.

Holy Cow! I listen to 99X and have for a good while. Sure there are trendier stations now, but 99X usually plays the music I like and I really like Jimmy Baron. Though we would certainly disagree on a lot politically, he seems like a very top notch guy and by God he is right on the money when it comes to kids on leashes! Right on the money!

Now Jimmy, it’s time to give Lisa the baby she wants. Get with it. Stop making excuses.

Comments are locked out.  They have grown increasing inappropriate and Lisa Baron is not running for office.  There is not reason to drag her into any of this, which is why I felt a bit icky about running the Creative Loafing post to begin with — she’s not relevant to the story in my mind.  And besides, she’s married to Jimmy Freakin’ Baron, so she’s cool.