Gary Black in Tifton

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Black, who will run as a Republican, lives with his family on their farm in Jackson County near Commerce where they manage a cattle operation and participate in youth livestock shows. Black started the Young Farmers to Washington Program through the Georgia Farm Bureau and recently served as President of the Georgia Agribusiness Council, Inc., an organization with more than 600 Georgia businesses ranging from family farms to landscapers and banks.


  1. JulieSMI says:

    Who cares? This guy, and Irvin, have yet to offer me a single reason to even care about this office much less their candidacy.

    At least Kemp’s trying to make the office relevant to folks like me.

  2. Capt. says:

    Did anyone realize that Gary Black runs his truck with biodiesel?? Has anyone noticed that this is all Gary ever talks about. I guess that’s all he’s got. Talk about a field of ideas.

    While Gary is talking about ending our dependency on foreign oil, Sen. Kemp is passing legislation which ACTUALLY does make strids in ending our dependency on foreign oil. Gary Black talks, Kemp does.

    This article is weak but weak press for a weak candiate makes sense. If Tommy Irvin stayed awake while reading this article, I bet he is laughing to himself right now!

  3. Tommy_a2b says:

    I would like people to understand one thing. BIODIESEL DOES NOT END OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL. Biodiesel is part fosil fuel. Ethinol is the future that we should be looking toward. No fossil fuel and made from local plant matter. I am a little tired of the Biodiesel talk.

  4. Erick says:

    Tommy, the problem is that it takes more energy to make ethanol that is produced by it. Not so with biodiesel, which is a net energy producer.

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    Erick, they are working on that and from what I understand they are close. Also very close on converting pulp wood to ethanol. This would make ethanol very available nation wide (typically where there is not corn there is trees.) I am just tired of people saying biodiesel will get us off foreign oil dependence.

  6. Groseclose says:


    I don’t think there is a silver bullet to get us off foreign oil–not ethanol, biodiesel, or hydrogen. If ethanol alone was the silver bullet, we would have seen it take off in all areas of our country much quicker.

    Collectively, these renewable energy sources can go along way to making the US energy independent. Biodiesel is particularly appealling for Georgia because it can be produced by using chicken fat. We can take advantage of chicken byproduct and increase revenue for an important industry.

    Of course, Ethanol is very promising because GM and other manufactures have produced E85 vehicles. The problem for Georgia is the expense of shipping corn, or alternatively ethanol, into our state. Pulp may have promise, but my mere point is for us to not discard any source of renewable energy that benefiits farmers and the enviroment.

  7. Bryan Tolar says:

    A friend sent me a link to this site when he saw the Georgia Agribusiness Council was referenced. I have had the privilege to work for the Council for over 8 years and actively lobbying for 6 of those years.

    The Council was created in 1966 to represent and advocate for agriculture. We are pro-business. Our efforts have provided for numerous benefits for farmers and agribusinesses all across the state, including tax reductions, decreasing permit fees, protections for water use, property rights measures and many others. We are very proud of the leadership Gary Black provided to our organization for more than 17 years.

    Gary knows and loves this industry. To suggest otherwise is just foolish.

  8. Jack S says:

    No one has suggested that Gary doesn’t love and know agriculture. we’re saying he is a lobbyist who sold out Democrats for 14 of those years. He is an opportunist that has no business running as a Republican.

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