1. Brian from Ellijay says:

    It seems to me that Bishop Paulk fooled a lot of people for a long time. So Mike shouldn’t really be held responsible for that. I think most State Senators or politicians can relate to their being a very powerful pastor of a Mega Church or someone who is very influencial in their respective communities who they would like to associate thierself with.

    In Cherokee/Cobb its Johnny Hunt of FBCW. Alpharetta, Andy Stanley of NorthPoint. Atlanta, Charles Stanley of FBC Atlanta.

    Point being that friendships with those men are looked upon as extemely valuable, expecially when your visiting their churches and they recognize you and give you a nod of approval.

    You never know when someone on a pedestal is going to fall off, but is it worth being associated with them while they are on it, absolutely.

  2. Swifty says:

    Oh, Crotts might get a bit of a pass, like you say. He wasn’t the only one fooled – three presidents, as the article says. But oh boy, the questions during the campaign. Can’t wait. Political theater at its best. So much for that 11th commandment, huh boys?

  3. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    More baggage for Crotts. Seems the load is getting heavier and heavier, with less and less support to carry it.

    I hear Douglas has hired Joel McElhannon to run his campaign. If that is so, Crotts needs to decide if he wants this to be his last viable race of if he wants to choose something else to do for now, before its too late.

  4. Tommy_a2b says:

    Bobby has been a friend of my family my entire life. So much so, as a child I called him Uncle Bobby. My father and him were best friends and sold realestate together in Dekalb until his divorse from his 1st wife. I feel terrible for him and his family. As someone who grew up in the church I do not know many people who were not aware of Earl’s Girl Friends. We left the church when this all started to come to light and warned people to not stick there head in the sand on this issue. Bobby chose to and it hurt him directly. Mike Crotts also chose to and I think he did it because he could have an easy place to collect votes. Many who know Mike will aggree he is considered to not be 100% there.

    On another topic not refering to Mike Crotts, should the 11th commandment apply to RINO’s? Again I am not refering to Mike. I am just asking a question.

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