An Ability to Generate Headlines

While Kemp and Black are pounding the pavement, Tommy Irvin has the luxury of being able to sit behind his desk and generate headlines that give voters the heeby-geebies.

State Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin has placed a moratorium on issuing any new “food sales establishment


  1. emily says:

    Could it be that he’s actually (gasp) just doing his job? Did you see the report? Trash and dead rats in a store that is selling food. The Dept of Ag is the administrative body that is charged with shutting down such shady, gross operations. So it made the press. The first three didn’t. Ya’ll just look for something to whine about. God forbid he didn’t stop it. Then you’d really be in an uproar.

  2. Cadillac says:

    Emily- I am going to make this clear as I can for you and I hope you can understand it—- IT IS ALL POLITICS. Do you ever see Comm. Irvin out there when it is not election year? Think about that for a minute.

  3. stephaniemills21 says:


    I happen to watch local news all the time (I know, I am a glutton for punishment) and have seen Irvin shutting down warehouses for infestations, announcing new programs to help farmers, etc. Now, while this is not too often, it has been pretty steady for the past four years. ( I moved here right after the 2002 election, so I have no frame of reference before that).

    Now, i would venture to guess that most of the day to day operations of the Dept. of Ag are pretty boring, and not something the news picks up a lot. Could it be that the job keeps him out of the spotlight most of the time?

  4. This just proves that all you Kemp/Black people won’t stand a chance come November. So many people in this state shop at Dollar General and now that they’ll know their food is safe they’ll be lining up to vote for the revolutionary Irvin. I saw in the article Irvin wants to teach Dollar General how to keep their stores clean. What he should really do is teach Kemp/Black the right way to be Ag Commissioner!

  5. Capt. says:

    Chris, ya know, if Tommy Irvin knew how to operate a computer, I would think you were him. You sound like a vacuum with your constant sucking up to the old man.

  6. landman says:

    Chris,you are kidding right?The man needs to exit stage left with dignity and retire.He is going to get the hell beat out of him by Kemp in November if he doesnt.

  7. Cadillac says:

    For real, I agree Landman, Irvin does not want to be like Tom Murphy. You would think he would want to go out with some dignity instead of being forced to leave because of a good old fashioned butt kicking.

    Come on Chris— wake up man.

  8. Groseclose says:

    Anyone find it more than a coincidence that the Democratic Irvin took this step against a company ran by David Perdue, a cousin of our Governor?

  9. GetReal says:

    Based on that news story, it doesn’t look like Irvin had to make anything up to go after Perduels cousin’s company. Disgusting.

  10. Cadillac says:

    Awwwwww, poor Chris, we’re sorry, we will play nice for now on. We did not mean to hurt your feelings. Get a grip! Like I said before wake up ( that goes for everybody who thinks that it is not time for Irvin to go).

  11. Capt. says:

    40 years is long enough for anyone in office. He needs to go t the house. I don’t know if he will be able to take the strain of a tough election.

  12. Bill Simon says:

    Chris, it’s just that even when you satirize, it sounds like the same pablum that comes out of Vincent Fort’s mouth when he’s being dead serious…so, we cannot tell the difference. 🙂

  13. Jack S says:

    Last night at the Legislative Black Caucus, Tommy Irvin said he was “so proud of the progress that you colored people have made”.

    Yeah, he’s a real icon of hte Democratic Party. Does Irvin even know what century he’s in?

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