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Doug Monroe sent me an email with today’s Creative Loafing featured article, which is actually a cartoon or, if you will, a graphic novel. I hesitate linking to the cartoon, but have linked to others. This one just kind of made me cringe. I’ll at least direct your attention to it — judging by my email from the now four dozen of you sending me the link after Doug (was that you or Joel rounding up the grassroots to email me? Kidding. I kid because I love.)

You can find it at Creative Loafing. I’m still perplexed by the Lisa Baron quote, though thanks to a few people who got WTF emails from me, I appreciate the link to the column in which she said it.

That is all.

I’m going to shower now. Or something to cleanse myself.


  1. Chris says:

    Without a context to the comment, that Lisa Baron thing takes an otherwise funny cartoon and insults a non-party in a crude way.

  2. spaceygracey says:

    Built Like A Bass Baron may very well wish to have been a “non-party” at Ralph-Fest before all is said and done. Kinda like the anchorette and the money manager over at the Um Um Good Campbell Show. But as her dubious colleague at The Sunday Paper, the utterly shameless Caren West will charge you to tell you, there’s no such thing as bad PR anymore, hon. It’s all about the numbers, baby, the numbers.

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Other than the Baron thing, its hilarious. I wonder if thats a reference to something that Jimmy said on air or something.

  4. Booray says:

    Folks, why are y’all so perplexed about the Baron quote?

    Follow the links to the sources, and it is right there in print with her WEDDING picture next to it.

    Brain fart of colossal proportions on her part.

    And can you possibly imagine her/Reed on the Republican ticket with Governor Perdue after reading that cartoon?

    This is not hard.

  5. possum says:

    Yes, Erick: that was me e-mailing you. The whole point of the cartoon is that everything in it can be found in a public source. The links are at

    You can link to Lisa’s “My Big Cavernous Pit of Love.”

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Plus, it’s a cartoon, dudes!

    Somebody asked me what our next cartoon is going to be and I’m thinking if Taylor wins the Democratic nomination, we’ll have the first governor’s race decided by a SUMO WRESTLING MATCH!

    Doug Monroe
    Senior Editor
    Creative Loafing
    [email protected]

  6. Erick says:

    Doug, that would be hysterical. I might have to gouge my eyes out afterwards at the sight of Sonny and Mark in the sumo outfits, but I’d spray milk before hand — assuming I drank milk and was doing so while reading the cartoon.

    Oh, and by the way, why can’t Sonny get an opponent named Cher. It’d make the headlines so much funnier.

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