Cagle champions tax relief for childcare…

Senator Casey Cagle hailed Senate passage today of legislation to begin providing tax relief to Georgia parents for child care expenses.   
Cagle, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, sponsored the legislation and led Senate debate and passage on the bill.  The new provisions — requested by Governor Sonny Perdue as a key part of his legislative agenda — would return an estimated $50 million to parents, resulting in a direct credit of $50 to $150 per family each year.
“I believe we should seize each and every opportunity possible to reduce the cost of government and return significant tax relief to Georgia citizens, and I am honored to support Governor Perdue’s consistent efforts in this direction.  As child care expenses continue to increase, this is an excellent area to focus some of our efforts on, and I am pleased the Senate supported our legislation so strongly,” said Cagle.

“As we move forward with this session and the Lt. Governor race, my focus on providing tax relief to Georgia citizens will be as rock-solid as it has always been.    While some candidates talk about tax relief, we are actually doing it in the Senate.  I am pleased with this success and look forward to many more in the future,” Cagle continued.
Cagle has a consistent record of winning tax relief and has never voted for a tax increase in over a decade of public service in the Senate.



  1. larry smith says:

    Look, look, there’s Casey Cagle running a nasty, mean, negative campaign and doing nothing on policy again!

    C’mon, Ralph fans, I know you can find something to pick at on this issue …. what do you got?

  2. landman says:

    Ok people here is something to contrast the two candidates seeking the number two position in our State:

    One candidate was SUCCESSFULLY working for the passage of a tax relief measure and the other was being named in a Federal subpoena looking into one of Washington’s biggest corruption cases.

    This is not difficult guys,this is not going away like some would like to believe.RR is damaged goods and is going to be the reason the Demacrats raise a ton of cash in this election cycle in Georgia.


  3. GAWire says:

    I will even go one step further in hopes to stay away from the Ralph scandal argument …

    Cagle is successful at great policy here. What successful policy has Ralph achieved?

    Again, forget about the scandals. Let’s make this a race that is about the candidates, experience, and service. Then, seriously ask yourself and evaluate which candidate is right for Georgia.

  4. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Good for him. Stay on message. This race is about an effective agenda not personality and star power.

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