More Municipalities in Fulton

Speaker Pro Tem Mark Burkhalter writes about the effort to incorporate several areas in Fulton County in this AJC editorial:

My legislation would allow a referendum to incorporate a city of Johns Creek, an area in northeast Fulton with some of the highest property values in Georgia and a large business center. Jones’ bill would allow a referendum to create a city of Milton in northwest Fulton.

Both of our efforts are driven by the same motives we heard for 30 years in Sandy Springs. North Fulton residents are sick and tired of sending their tax dollars to a dysfunctional county government where waste is rampant. The neglect is so bad that two communities in south Fulton are also pushing the idea of creating two cities there.

The Fulton County Commission seems to be on the verge of irrelevance, and they have no one to blame but themselves.


  1. The thing is that none of South Fulton’s state Reps or state Sens have introduced any legislation that will create a “City of South Fulton” although, if you believe the papers, they’re going to do it.

    I have half a mind to pack up my things and move into my mother’s empty condo in Sandy Springs, because the Fulton County Commission (including my Commissioner, Bill Edwards) has got to be the most dysfunctional and ineffective governing body in this state; and unincorporated South Fulton is just getting screwed left and right.

  2. 4ofspades says:

    Andre – Your correct – Edwards is one of the major problems on the commission not to mention the other Dem’s. There are rumors floating around that there will be a bill dropped later in the session to incorporate South Fulton. The problem is that it is not economically viable at this point for South Fulton.

  3. Rusty Paw says:

    Last week Senator Kasim Reed advertised two bills that would create two South Fulton cities. The Cities of South Fulton and Chattahoochee Hill Country should be on the floor shortly.

    At the same time State Rep Roger Bruce advertised a bill that would incorporate all of South Fulton into one city called South Fulton.

    Expect Kasim’s bills to have the success, Bruce is acting on a whim. Bill Edwards will run for Mayor in any city he can. Assuming Bill Edwards is not elected Mayor, South Fulton cities are economically viable.

  4. I agree.

    South Fulton cities are very economically viable, especially when they have the right leadership. For example, Ralph Moore (the Mayor of Union City) and Betty Hannah (the Mayor of Fairburn) are both doing top-notch jobs ushering their respective localities through a period of large economic growth.

    Now I could be wrong here, and correct me if I am, but the cities of Union City & Fairburn are in relatively good shape financially, and both cities are adapting to the changes that are coming to the area in a smart way.

    Compare that to Bill Edwards, who just lets any developer come in, clear cut the trees, and slap up any old business, apartment complex, or subdivision; doesn’t enforce any code violations; but gives us a free concert every now and then with his name plastered all over the advertisements. But you can’t say what I’ve just said about Bill Edwards, in South Fulton County, because he has god-like status.

    I’m extremely biased here, because I’ve lived in unincorporated South Fulton my entire life, but I’m of the opinion that South Fulton is an upscale community that has the potential to become a truly great municipality. But, as always, it depends on what kind of leadership is at the helm & quite frankly, Bill Edwards’ leadership is quite lacking.

    And before y’all start recruiting me to run for Mayor of South Fulton, that’s completely out of the question. South Fulton City Council, on the other hand, is a distinct possibility.

  5. 4ofspades says:

    Rusty & Andre – If you look at the SSD budegt for South Fulton you’ll find that there is almost a $20MM gap between spending and revenues.

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