1. GAWire says:

    1) At the heart of every politician is a thespian (sp?), or should I just say “actor”!?!

    2) It is a big deal – no way around that.

    3) Even if it isn’t as big as we make it to be, Casey’s camp (i.e. Joel) would be stupid not to make it out to be like the biggest thing since Monica’s navy Gap dress!

    4) Working in and out of DC, I always talk to people about GA politics, and here is what I conclude about people’s knowledge of GA races that aren’t in GA: They don’t know crap!

    5) I never have understood why so many young people in DC follow Ralph. Guess I was trained/taught by those who came long before Ralph, and they always knew he was a primadonna. Also, most of those kids are making $30K on the Hill and living with 5 other guys in a 1 bedroom apartment and the highlight of their life is the next seminar at the Leadership Institute, so surely all they hear about is “Ralph Reed is awesome” (not criticizing Hill work or LI, b/c I did the same thing, but perspectives are limited).

    6) Ralph won’t drop out, and that really isn’t what this is about. By having a bunch of Senators request him to get out, Ralph’s refusal only makes him look worse (i.e. responses of damage that Erick elluded to)

    7) Even with all the poo-poohing as Erick put it, Reed Campaign’s strategy to rely on grassroots and gotv is by no means a bad one. When it comes down to the winner – these issues won’t matter a bit – it will all come down to who gets their voters to the polls! You can cry out about Ralph’s record all day long, but if you aren’t also rounding up your support, then you will be dissappointed when it really counts. There is a time and place for attacking records, but doing that without mobilizing your own base of supporters is useless. Still, it is always a great strategy to keep Ralph on the defensive, b/c the more support Casey takes away now, the less Team Reed will have to turn out in July.

    8) Finally, it has nothing to do with getting people to really call Ralph’s office to drop out. It’s all about keeping the issue out there, so that Ralph can’t do anything but explain, and it puts doubts in peoples’ minds. Just like when we send out requests for people to “call your representatives, and ask them to vote for HR blah, blah, blah …” – the majority don’t really call, but it creates awareness in people and educates them a little (although it’s a lot of fun when you can get your people to call so much that they shut down the Capitol switchboards)! Politicians aren’t the only ones that use a little theatrics to get attention and rally the base. 🙂

  2. HowardDawg says:

    Has it dawned on anyone on this board that the only thing people are talking about right now is whether or not Ralph Reed shoudl get out of the race?

    it’s on this blog and the AJC has a blog on it. No one is talking about Ralph’s issues or Casey’s plans or fundraising. They’re all talking about Ralph getting out.

    Ralph’s not getting out. But all he can do is defend why he should stay in.

    You’re not seeing the forest through the trees, Erick. This “theatre” has killed Ralph becuase his campaign is completely dominated by it.

  3. larry smith says:

    I would put this idea that Ralph has a phantom army of supporters out there who will magically flock to the polls on demand about on par with the Loch Ness monster.

    Sure, he has supporters, but I don’t think any more or less than your typical statewide campaign would. His reputation as a master grassroots organizer is mostly smoke and mirrors … just look at his win/loss record as a consultant. He can throw out numbers all day long (who can’t) but I’m telling you that actually finding any of these people is next to impossible.

  4. Booray says:

    Ralph Reed is, like, the worst candidate in modern Republican history. I frankly don’t care if he gets out, because he’ll only get whipped by staying in, completely finishing him from politics in GA and this country. The sooner the better.

    This is not hard.

    Booray Bussey

  5. Jack S says:

    Hey Ralph Worshippers, come out come out wherever you are!

    Ralph is completely delusional. He’d be out of this race if he had any sense. He has a bunch of hacks, wannabes, worshippers and leaches over there begging him to stay in so they can keep their jobs.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Ralph.

  6. northside elephant says:

    Cagle’s staff understands an important rule in campaigning:

    If something works, keep doing it.

  7. Maurice Atkinson says:

    “””everyone has agreed that is rather silly — Ralph isn’t going to drop out and it’s foolish for anyone at this point to think that. But, it will make voters who are with Ralph take another look at him and it is enough for undecided voters to make up their mind against him.””””

    Silly??? The Lt. Gov. presides over the Senate. A majority of his own Party in the body he might have an opportunity to preside over,,, and get a consistent no vote of confidence is remarkable.

    Yes these legislators signed on early. But to not remain silent and worry about their own races is a very strong statement.

    I had an interesting conversation with several politicos from various parts of the state. Only 2 months ago these people were quiet or marginally supporting Reed. I was surprised with the candor that each were willing to discuss their position on the race. Out of 7 only one was staying with Reed. And it wasn’t really about Reed she is miffed with the Party over some other issues.

    The Cagle supporters, which I am one, all said the same thing. While these continuing developments in Reed’s political scandals develop none are resting easy. Because of this they are staking a position in their communities.

    While no one liked the negative aspects of this campaign there is a positive benefit. There is a strong call for reform or the return to the conservative and moral principles in government. Something that has seemed to be shelved since we became a majority. To me this is a very positive message.

  8. landman says:

    There is no debating the significance of these 21 Senators going public with such a request.I dont know if its ever been done before in a primary by the candidates own Party,I would think not.Their true concerns of a Reed candidancy is very valid,and will not be taken lightly by the Republican Primary voters.

    There is no need to re-hash RR issues of Integrety,ethics and character,because the lines are clearly drawn on this site,but for the voters out there, it is making a difference.They unlike the Reed stargazers are going to make a judgement on the candidates based on who they are not what they were and this is where Cagle slams Reed. Reeds meltdown on personal issues has taken away his advantage of name recognition and turned it into a liabilty.The problem is it is a liability that could effect the whole Republican ticket and that is point with these Senators making such a statement.Does anyone really believe RR would actually get out of the race ?No,but what they are saying is you should and if you dont we are going to do our best to make sure you are not our candidate in the General. Would they work to that end anyway?Yes but this Public stance increase their influence outside their respective circles of influence and this act will linger in the minds of many more Primary voters than merely endorseng Cagle.

    Hats off to the Cagle team for this.They have clearly out-classed the RR team up to this point in the campaign.

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