Securing the Border

Chip Rogers is on fire:

The senator who has taken the lead on pushing for a state response to illegal immigration introduced a new bill Thursday to start debate in the Legislature on the issue.

Sen. Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock, wrote Senate Bill 529 by pulling together ideas from other bills he has already introduced this session on illegal immigration and from new measures that have come from recent discussions.

Dubbed the Georgia Security & Immigration Compliance Act, the bill touches on law enforcement, state contracts, tax-funded benefits and employers who use undocumented workers. It would:

  • Prohibit compensation to illegal immigrants from being declared a deductible business expense;
  • Require that any publicly funded contract include language prohibiting the contractor or subcontractor from knowingly hiring someone in violation of federal immigration law;
  • Require verification of eligibility for adult applicants for public benefits;

  • Set tough new penalties for human trafficking.

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  1. Melb says:

    You forgot to put in the part that he has been working with Sam Zamarripa on this bill, which is probably the only reason it is worth a darn. I wonder how businesses will react to this bill? I think most of it sounds good from what the paper wrote, but I have yet to read the bill completely. I just hope that Congress is able to really fix the problem so that people will not have to come over here illegally and employers will have the workers they need. I also think it is funny that Congress is working on bills as we speak yet state officials keep saying they aren’t doing anything — So they have to act, they have no choice, which is just wrong, if not flat out lying.

  2. dking says:

    Yeah…that Zamarripa…he’ll fix it!

    February 9, 2006

    D.A. King
    The Dustin Inman Society
    3595 Canton Rd. A-9/337
    Marietta, Georgia 30066
    [email protected]

    Mr. Bob Ewing [ [email protected] ]
    Interim Secretary of the Georgia Senate
    353 State Capitol
    Atlanta, Georgia 30334

    Dear Mr. Ewing,

    I write on a matter of senate business, but first want to extend my sincere sympathy for the loss of Mr. Frank Eldridge. Mr. Eldridge and his positive contributions to government in the state of Georgia will be missed by many.

    Citing section 1-4.3 of the Rules of the Georgia State Senate dealing with conflict of interest, I am hereby requesting that the senator from the 36th district, Sam Zamarripa, be prohibited from voting on any pending or future legislation regarding illegal immigration in the current legislative session.

    It is a matter of public record that senator Zamarripa is a founding partner of a Georgia – based, federally chartered bank, United Americas Bank [aka Banco Unido], where he also holds the position of Director of Marketing.

    It is also a matter of public record that United Americas Bank is currently active in soliciting and accepting business from, and making mortgage loans to, persons it and Senator Zamarrpia know to be present in the United States illegally.

    United States Code, Title 8, section 1324 is clear on the fact that harboring or encouraging an illegal alien to remain in the U.S. is a federal crime. Further, the same federal code includes language that increases penalties for doing so with the intent to profit commercially.

    I am sure that any reasonable person would agree that extending a mortgage loan to anyone represents encouragement to remain in our state and nation. “Harboring

  3. Melb says:

    King, Maybe if anti-immigrant assholes, such as yourself, weren’t encouraging extremists who are invading their homes, beating them up with baseball bats, killing them, and stealing their money they wouldn’t need a bank. Senator Zamarripa, is an honest and intelligent man that knows more about immigration than you know in your little pinky. He is vital to the discussion pertaining to immigration in this state. He has no conflict of interest because he is helping these people from HATE crimes and he has a general concern for all the people that reside in this state. Your little letter is pathetic and so are you, so why don’t you just continue your little race for Governor, so I can laugh at how badly you lose, but don’t and I repeat don’t try to go after a man with such integrity as Zamarripa because it will blow up in your face on both sides of the political spectrum. I hope you and your paid supporters are at the immigration rally tomorrow.

  4. Melb says:

    King, So you were outnumbered at the rally, why did they stay only 45 minutes?? You run out of money? Also update, Ewing decided that you were wrong! I am so surprised! By the, the signs I made, said “Chip Rogers needs to be deported” — funny! Also one that said, “I am not paid, I stand with Sam Zamarripa” I also thought it was funny that they put you on the corner and we got the capitol!!!

  5. dking says:

    Melb….gee….asshole? What eloquence. What style!

    Zamarripa and integrity in the same sentence…good one!

    Ummm..yes, I am running out of money…which is not true for your boss, the banker to illegals..which is..well..illegal. But who cares ehh? MALDEF national board member Melb?

    Our 75 lowly Americans demanding that the borders [ Uhhh Melb..we were there 1- 3 PM, you should have come down and introduced your braveheart self] be secured and the law be equally applied were put on the corner so that your boss didn’t have to deal with us in the media…nobody paid them.

    “Deport Chip Rogers?” You are too sharp for me Melb… but I am happy to see that you understand the deportation process.

    Our signs read ;” immigrants are legal and welcomed” “NO AMNESTY” “ENFORCE AMERICA LAWS”…radical stuff like that. We all look forward to your next razor sharp post.

    Not many will be surprised if the Sec. of the Senate office declines to get involved with Zamarripa and his money making scheme, but that isn’t the point is it?

    “Hate crime” Melb? See our list of Americans killed by illegals …and those who enable them on our site Melb. Tell it to the Inmans Melb.

    Desperation in the illegal alien lobby Melb? hahahahha

    PS I will be at the CNN ctr today….second chance to come introduce yourself Melb.

  6. Melb says:

    I was going to walk over and kick one of you, as the sign suggested, but my better judgement prevailed. If someone is killed by a car accident, it is just that an accident, but nice of you to politicize others misfortunes, fits with your character. As for crime, regardless of who it is committed against is wrong, but the target should be crime not undocumented immigrants.

    So you are saying that your position is because an “illegal” immigrant accidently killed someone in a car wreck, that it is okay to invade their homes and commit hate crimes. Damn, I’m sure glad you are going to lose because you would be the worst Governor in Georgia history and most likely in the United States. I would have introduced myself, but people who are violent and hate as much as your crowd did can not be thought of to control themselves. Maybe when I feel a little safer from your obnoxious/ignorant crowd I will come and introduce my braveheart self. Also I am not a MALDEF board member either (though I know you were being sarcastic).

    I love America and I understand the important contribution that immigrants make to this country. As does GWB, Chambliss, McCain, Perdue, Zamarripa, and many others. I understand that immigration needs to be fixed so that more people can come over here without having to cross the border and that companies can get the workers they need. I also believe we need to secure the borders so that we know who is in our country. There also needs to be a path to amnesty/citizenship for those already living in our country. As you obviously know our country was founded on immigrants and each wave of immigrants has faced opposition and hatred such as you and your group.

    None of this can be accomplished at the state level and the federal government is working on legislation. I think we should give them that chance, in the mean time I don’t think denying immigrants education and healthcare is going to do anything positive for our country, state, or communities.

    By the way, Zamarripa’s not my boss, but I have a lot of respect for him and so do many others. The Sec. of the Senate threw out your letter because it was ridiculous as is your mind set. I had to call you an asshole because the stupidity of your accusations led me to no other conclusion.

  7. dking says:

    yawn….sorry you couldn’t find the courage to introduce youerself [ again]today while Jerry’s visitor from Az was demanding open borders, I go back to europe and that Americans give up their nation in the name of “justice” at CNN CTR.

    That Jerry…a tad radical [fiannally] marching with the real deal, brave too….ehh? [For the reader Google Enrique Morones]

    To where does my Korean sister return Melb ? [ I know Melb…but Jerry or Sam will help you with this one]…and try to keep it short OK..?

  8. Melb says:

    King, It’s not that I don’t have the courage, it’s that I don’t have the time during the week to chase you around, argue with you, and for what purpose, your opinion is obviously cemented, buried 6 ft., and rotted. Jerry is smart and a great organizer. Just because you meet with someone does not mean that you hold their views.

    By the way, they are saying if you believe all immigrants should go back to their country, maybe you should go back to Europe. There is a difference. These types of arguments are just as bad as when Southern racists in the past were arguing that all blacks should go back to Africa. This is their home and they are staying and so are immigrants of all shades. No one is asking that America give up itself in the name of justice, we are saying that immigration laws at present are not justice. Do you have to spin everything??? Immigrants are humans and they have human rights, America is a melting pot, so get used to it. This is America, the one I grew up in, the one I love, and it always will be.

    Slavery was standard, Jim Crow was a law, if a black person broke the law back then it was wrong, but it wasn’t illegal. The law is what was illegal, unconstitutional, and against basic human rights. Calling undocumented immigrants illegal because they are trying to feed their families and live part of the American dream is not a crime. You want to call it that, then go ahead, but your opinions will be part of the past like Jim Crow, and mine will grow as America grows and strives to be the democratic, tolerant, and land of opportunity. So you want to hold America down and in the past of racism and unequal opportunity, then I feel sorry for you, for being bitter, hating, and fighting against the one thing you claim to love.

  9. dking says:

    You may want to check with the La Raza folks on this Melb….when I asked the marchers with Jerry to where my Black friends should return…they replied: “Africa” .”..this is our continent…”
    From CNN:
    CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Latino groups from both sides of the U.S. Mexico border held a summit to demonstrate opposition to the Sensenbrenner security border security legislation. Organizer Armando Navarro began by quoting Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, prediction a socialist revolution stretching from the tip of South America to northern Canada.

    Then came a procession of open borders activists, including the Brown Berets and MEChA, the radical Latino college group that advocates returning the American Southwest to Mexico. “We are a community without borders,” says this Chicago activist.

    There were signs proclaiming North America a stolen continent and saying all of those of European descent here are the real illegal aliens.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is not their land. This is not their continent. This is our continent.

    WIAN: Even the conference program said it was being held in Riverside California, Aztlan, the name given to the American Southwest by those who claim it rightfully belongs to Mexico. So it was no surprise that Mexican state senator Raymundo Cardenas attended to demonstrate Mexico’s opposition to the Sensenbrenner bill. It calls for tougher criminal penalties against illegal aliens and their employers, and for a wall along 700 miles of the Southwest border.

    Mexico plans to send an official anti-Sensenbrenner delegation to Washington this week.

    Just to help you with your thinking Melb.

  10. Melb says:

    I am sure there are radicals on both sides. That does not mean that sensible legislation will not prevail. I mean there are people on your side that say lets just deport everysingle person back to Mexico. I think that is pretty radical, especially considering that all are not from there. Anyhow there are crazy conservatives and liberals so what makes you think they probably won’t have comments on issues such as immigration. Though, you as well as I know it is just a show and that there is no way that any legislature in the entire U.S. would follow that type of policy, nor will they deport every undocumented immigrant.

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