Governor Gas Guy, the Saga Continues

The November numbers are hot off the press, and Georgia ranks fourth HIGHEST in the country in natural as prices. See for yourself — US Dept of Energy. Remember, before Governor Gas Guy’s deregulation scheme, Georgia was 3rd LOWEST in the country.  To read more about Governor Gas Guy, go to


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    So things are getting better as now we’re fourth highest instead of third highest.

    I know the Democrats just can’t wait to increase government regulation, but I would prefer even further deregulation of this industry. Let’s free the free market!

    Hey, weren’t you Democrats told not to use the “gas guy” image? Why are you still using it?

  2. GaMongrel says:

    TN 19.07
    NC 19.55
    Al 20.62
    GA 20.74
    SC 20.81
    FL 26.43

    Avg of six = 127.15/6 = 21.19

    Avg of mid 4 = 81.72/4 = 20.43

    I’d be much more upset if we were dramatically higher then our neighbor states but we seem to be paying about the same price as the rest of the SE.

  3. Booray says:

    Remember – the truth on Kahn and Crew can be found at

    This details how every single Democrat – including Kahn’s boss Barnes and that big feller Mark Taylor – voted for natural gas deregulation. There wasn’t even one dissenting Democrat in the House or the Senate!

    In fact, the bill was even co-sponsored by Mary Margaret Oliver, perhaps the most liberal Democrat in the entire state of Georgia!

    Quite a Republican conspiracy, wouldn’t you say?

    Keep up the good work, Gas Bag. You have un-elected every major Democrat in GA and this kind of junk will only make it easier to keep them un-elected this November!

  4. GAWire says:

    The difference b/t those of us Republcans blasting each other on Reed and you Dems that come at us with stuff like “Governor Gas Guy” is that at least we can take comfort in knowing that a Republican will be in office after the elections.

    It must suck to know that Dems have no hope at beating us in November (especially not Sonny) and all you can come up with is “Governor Gas Guy”.

  5. We have the First Amendment on our side. Just because Sonny told his corporate lawyer pals to cease and desist doesn’t mean we have to.

    I see now we are 4th worst in gas prices. I guess that’s better than being 1st worst in education. True, Georgia was already in the gutter on education before Sonny took over (though we haven’t gotten better) but before he foisted natural gas on us we were 47th worst in the nation.

    All Democrats voted for the bill, which is true. But so did all of the Republicans, who later welcomed Sonny Perdue to their party. When it comes to natural gas deregulation, we Democrats have admitted our mistakes. You Republicans put your mistake in charge of the entire state 🙂

  6. Eddie T says:

    Ya know, arrogance is the first step to getting your behind kicked out of office. Arrogance is complacence.

    So go ahead, hold up your noses, and swear that “there is no way you can’t be beat.” It only helps the Dems…

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Chris, we’re gonna have the King James’ version of the Ten Commandments posted everywhere in Georgia. We won’t be dead lastr in education for too long now.

    Of course, we gotta work on getting evolution out of the publick skules as well. Then we can all go back to one-room schoolhouses and Bible study.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    NO, Brian. I hate the thought of Bible-thumping ignoramouses thinking they can solve all society’s ills if everyone would just follow their myopic view of the world.

    What’s next, Brian? Conyers witch trials?

  9. buzzbrockway says:

    I heard the Virgin Mary visited Conyers (though it’s been a while), but I didn’t know they had witches down there. I’ll have to find another shortcut to Augusta.

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