Thanks to Brian Kemp, pay is going up for local officials.

Sheriffs, tax commissioners, Superior Court clerks and Probate Court judges across the state would be guaranteed a higher minimum salary under a bill the Senate approved Thursday.

Senate Bill 450, sponsored by state Sen. Brian Kemp, R-Athens, marks the first time in five years the state has updated its pay scale for constitutional officers, even though lawmakers have approved several cost-of-living adjustments in that time.

After passing 50-0 in the Senate, the measure now moves to the House.

The bill also will boost the pay for some officers because it attempts to make sure a tax commissioner, Superior Court clerk and Probate Court judge working in the same county are paid the same base salary.

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  1. Groseclose says:

    This news makes Kemp’s sheriff endorsements look a little disingenuous. Of course, these local officials will put their name on a list of Kemp supporters, which requires no commitment of time or resources. In return, they get his utmost attention in making sure they get a pay raise. I am not criticizing this important action taking by the legislature, but rather, I am criticizing this overt quid pro quo that Sen. Kemp has engaged in prior to the beginning of the legislative session. The most ethical move would have been to introduce his list of local endorsements after the legislative session and after passing this legislation. Of course, the list would have been significantly shorter and his political leverage would have been drastically reduced. This is a classic example of pandering to a special, albeit important, interest group.

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