The Governor Weighs In

On Eminent Domain.

Gov. Sonny Perdue on Wednesday called for a state constitutional amendment to provide Georgia property owners with more protections from government seizure of their land.
Perdue also announced a new bill reforming the state’s eminent domain laws in the wake of a widely criticized decision by the U.S. Supreme Court which appeared to give the government more power to take private land for redevelopment.
Calling the issue of eminent domain “one of the most visceral


  1. dreaded_scarum says:

    Perdue slights the Senate in that they have drafted good legislation covering eminent domain. As stands perdue leaves the loopholes that will be necessary for the redevelopment authorities to seize propertys for economic development. The senate protected legitimate governmental uses of eminent domain , they did their research. There is no reason for Perdue to change what the senate has done OTHER than to water it down to suit the ACC or GMA who have openly lobbied to have eminemt domain as a tool to expand their tax base. The senate covered all the bases , but they did not include loopholes for redevelopment authorities , under a redevelopment plan, to seize your property . Dont take my word for it , go do the homework.

  2. Tater Tate says:

    I love the guv, but he is late to this game. Sen. Jeff Chapman is the man on ed–not the kind fixed by a a pill–and the I am disappointed that the gov did not include him or follow his lead.

  3. HeartofGa says:

    Republicans are late to this game. It is as if they took a poll (I’m actually sure they did take a poll because Perdue seems to refer to it here)

    “Calling the issue of eminent domain “one of the most visceral

  4. Tater Tate says:

    Actually I went back and read SB 5 several months ago and it is not really an eminent domain bill, but a bill on public private partnerships that is important for the state. It was hi-jacked by the media, and now the dems, as a way to beat up Republicans, but Sen. Chapman’s SB86 was a needed corrected that was embraced by most of the Senators I believe (except Cagle who did not vote for it!).

    I do fault our Republican leaders for not voting on this the first week of the session. It should have been #1 on the agenda. If the house had acted on Chapman’s bill as the Senate did, and the Governor signed it, it would have be take care of long ago.

  5. truthorconsequences says:

    Right on Dreaded Scraum. You are right that the reason the Governor got involved was to offer weaker bill language so that municipalities can keep their eminent domain powers for redevelopment. Whether it was for his own reasons or to please the House or to please the lobbyists, only time will tell, but it sure is not the right direction to take to please the citizens of Georgia. The bill that does that is the new SB 86 substitute language that the Senate Study Committee has sitting on the table of the House Judiciary Committee. The best bill to protect private property rights is already in front of them, and it is ignored purposely. Its good to see some people know what is going on.

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