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I just got a press release from the Reed campaign attacking Casey Cagle. The release states:

Casey Cagle says he strongly opposes the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision, which allows local governments to condemn private property for the purpose of turning it over to a private developer to collect more tax revenue. But when the Senate voted to prohibit the practice in the most critical vote on property rights in the 2005 legislative session, state Senate records show that Cagle did not even bother to vote.

The vote on S.B. 86, which curbed the abuse of eminent domain and protected private property rights, was the most watched vote on eminent domain in the 2005 session. Among those voting for S.B. 86: Senate president pro tem Eric Johnson, Senate Majority Leader Tommie Williams, then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Stephens, and Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Don Balfour. Cagle did not vote. (Senate Vote #183, 3-10-05)

While Cagle did not vote to defend private property rights, he found time the same day to vote for bills creating a commemorative NASCAR license plate (S.V. 179), regulating mobile homes (S.V. 194), and providing insurance for local school board members (S.V. 197). State Senate records show Cagle was present throughout the day but conspicuously absent from the floor when S.B. 86 passed without his support.

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Cagle’s lack of support could not have been an oversight, given the high profile of the issue. Conservative radio talk show hosts and grassroots groups generated strong opposition to eminent domain abuse and a “mock funeral


  1. landman says:

    It is very sad to see the depth at which the Reed campaign has fallen.Good luck on selling this to the Republican voter and look for the Leadership and individual Senators to set the story straight on this non-issue.

    Ralph is in a box and there is no way out,he was at his strongest the day he announced.

    Joel,my good friend,I look forward to watching you set the record straight as more of the RR distortions arise.His record of slash and burn politics will not play this time around,the truth matters to some people!!!!!!!

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Ralph has no credibility. He is a sad and desperate candidate and is on his way out the door. How anyone can continue to support this man is beyond my comprehension.

  3. jackson says:

    Ummm, does Ralph lie about everything?

    Let me rephrase that to be more fair. There’s a difference between being truthful and being accurate. Is Ralph accurate in his attack? Obviously not.

    It just demeans him further that he just won’t offer a straight up, truthful defense of himself or contrast with Casey.

  4. GAWire says:

    Ralph had a chance to do what is best for the Party and step aside to let a better candidate take the reins, but instead, he is attempting to take him down with these rediculous attempts. His intentions become clearer everyday.

    It’s funny b/c Team Casey has actually held back on Ralph so far. Do you think a simple website or whatever is all he can do to attack Ralph? Get real. Ralph will be wishing that he stayed in doors when the real guerrilla warfare starts. I wish it didn’t come to this – it really didn’t have to!

  5. GAWire says:

    Btw, how many votes has Ralph Reed missed throughout his experience holding office in Georgia? What happened to Ralph’s legislation when he introduced it on the Floor prior? What does Ralph’s legislative record look like compared to Casey Cagles?

    Not so fast, Jim S – think about this one. Let me guess … you got an answer, anyways!?!

  6. Silence says:

    It seems to be rather straight forward to me. Casey missed a vote. Plain and simple. Truth is always accurate, jackson. The roots of your moral reletavism are showing. The truth is that Casey is painting himself to be a choirboy and Ralph to be some hellboy, and the case is that it just ain’t so. It’s ok for Casey to pay for sites like Read About Reed, but the moment Ralph mentions something about Casey’s voting record (not a character attack, just mentioning something from the public record) it becomes mud slinging? What in the world? So far it’s been a cakewalk for Cagle. I rather think it’s quite time that someone start shooting some holes in that paper candidate…

  7. Kettering Howell says:

    Compare two comments from the AJC blog today, and I think it’s easy to see who the truly intelligent people are:

    Ralph Reed’s proven leadership and dedication to our great state and nation have not gone unnoticed by voters. Reed has launched perhaps the largest grassroots campaign in Georgia’s history. With over 5,600 volunteers signed up and more grassroots contributions that his opponent, Casey Cagle. Reed is clearly the choice of Georgia voters.

    Furthermore, Reed has offered a strong plan geared toward moving Georgia forward. He has outlined a plan to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce Georgia’s income tax, provide homeowners with protection, and cut down on state spending in order to put more money back in the pockets of voters. Actually, these are only a few of the many ideas Reed has formulated and put into a plan that is available to voters. Reed’s opponent, Casey Cagle, has not offered a plan of this sort and his entire strategy thus far has been built on alienating Ralph Reed.

    Reed also has received endorsements from almost 500 of Georgia’s top leaders, including Nancy Coverdell, Congressmen Lynn Westmoreland, State Senator Ralph Hudgins, and Newt Gingrich.

    Reed has the support of Georgia’s leaders, and the ability to achieve tremendous victories for the citizens of our great state as Georgia’s First Republican Lieutenant Governor.

    Ralph(Baby Doc)Reed is a vicious,crooked, slimey, deceptive facist just like the other neo con republicans. He needs to be put in jail as will be shown for his crooked dealings with JACK abramOF

    The rhetoric alone of Casey’s supporters makes me want to support Ralph. When one of his campaign staffers (who is also a poster on the front page of this site) sits in the back of a workshop taking pictures of himself with his cell phone, one has to wonder about how deep the Cagle organization really is.

  8. Sam Horton says:

    Oh boo – hoo. He took my toy. Give me a break. Cagle takes a swipe at Reed. Reed takes a swipe back at Cagle. They both cry foul. So goes the nature of harsh campaigns, as has it been ever since people started running for office. Here’s the difference though. It appears that Reed is attacking on issues, and on things that matter to the people of Georgia, and on items that are public record. Cagle is engaging in what appears to very close to character assassination. Even so, Ralph never cried foul, he just let the slime run it’s course. Now he hits back and talks about Cagle’s voting record and Cagle cries? Oh my Gawd.

    Here’s another interesting thing…I got an email today from Casey Cagle’s campaign, calling on Ralph to withdraw, signed by the Republican Freshman caucus, except for Cecil Staton. The names of the Senate leadership were also noticably absent. Seems funny to me in that those same men, for the most part, refused to support Casey in his race for majority leader just over a year ago.

    What changed their minds so quickly?

  9. jackson says:

    “Even so, Ralph never cried foul, he just let the slime run it’s course” –
    Not true. Ralph has been saying all along that Casey Cagle was not telling the truth, attacking him for not following Reagan’s 11th commandment.

    “It appears that Reed is attacking on issues, and on things that matter to the people of Georgia, and on items that are public record. Cagle is engaging in what appears to very close to character assassination.” Is character not an issue anymore? Sure was when Dole & Bush were running for president. Maybe it doesn’t matter. I guess when you lie, it is okay now.

    I dont mind Republicans attacking each other. It is healthy for folks to stand up for what they believe in, and challenge others to do the same with their actions. If Ralph thinks it is more important to say Casey Cagle missed a vote, but not important enough to answer questions about his previous actions and ethical lapses, then that is his choice. My guess is voters will see through it.

    BTW, wasn’t Ralph Reed the one who perfected character assasination, helping Skandalakis lie about Clint Day’s integrity and honesty?

  10. UGABulldawg says:

    I agree with fellow poster Kettering Howell. I am somewhat of a political junky and attend more campaign events than any one person probably should, and I have noticed one common trend. Ralph’s supporters are about the issues–and the exchange of ideas. It’s part of what makes this country great, and its part of why we have elections.

    Cagle supporters, on the other hand, are about negative campaigning. Research shows that negative campaigning demobilizes voters. Folks: that’s the only way Casey will win this thing–by demobolizing voters to get them to stay away from the polls on election day. I guess we can’t blame him for trying. But, while Cagle runs with that strategy, I am going to stick with Ralph who has a plan to move Georgia forward.

  11. JulieSMI says:

    Ralph Reed has made himself a joke.

    Is that the best you can do Silence and Jim M. and the rest of you Reed worshippers? Haha, now Casey got a little girly slap from Ralph?

    I thought Ralph Reed was supposed to be this super strategist and the right hand of God and all that. This is weak.

  12. larry smith says:

    The only thing really notable about this is that it’s an admission from Ralph that — six months out — he’s now fallen to second place. Frontrunners do not attack, and Ralph has clearly concluded that the only way he wins is to push Cagle’s negatives above his own.

  13. jackson says:

    Silence, you’re a moron. This site was a lot better without you around.

    there is nothing accurate about saying a guy who clearly has been a strong proponent of private property rights would take a walk on a vote.

    Erick’s source is right (I looked it up), Cagle was excused from voting for several votes shortly after lunch. That’s pretty common down there. Cagle’s consultant nailed it. If Ralph knew anything about the process down there except how to make coffee, he’d have known that.

    cagle misses a single vote? true. Cagle is anti-property rights? Bogus.

    Ralph Reed has a long pattern of intentionally misrepresenting and outright lying about his record, his work, and now the record and work of others.

    this guy is a joke. only to be surpassed by those who would come on here and defend that kind of loser.

  14. Jack S says:

    Ralph Reed just admitted he’s losing this race.

    You don’t attack someone unless you’re behind.

    I guess I’d do it too if I just had the majority of the body I’m seeking to lead tell me publicly to get out of a race.

    Ralph needs to get out of this race.

  15. Sara says:

    FINALLY we are getting to issues. Casey’s voting record is one of the only true ways to judge his candiacy. Whether it is Women’s Right To Know or Eminent Domain or 10 Commandments or Tax Cuts, when its time to vote on the IMPORTANT issues, you have to show up. This isn’t missing a vote to name a road after a dead politician or being in the bathroom when the Watermelon Queen is being honored. This issue is one of the biggest in Georgia and in the nation. And I bet it’s just the tip of the iceberg…

    The AJC doesn’t love anyone who is not a liberal or generally agrees with their liberal viewpoint. I wonder how many times he has taken a walk rather than taken a stand?

    At the same time, the only way to judge Reed is on his record. Founding the Christian Coalition, his service as Party Chair in Georgia, his work to elect and re-elect the President are all ways to judge him on what he has done in politics.

    However, if the Cagle campaign is only interested in guilt by association and character smears, he is guilty. He had many meetings with Charles Walker to discuss issues. Did he assist, have knowledge of or join in any of the tactics that landed Walker in jail? He didn’t support Sonny when he first ran so was he a supporter of Linda Sherenko? Did he suggest her fundraising scheme from the Department of Education? What is the total amount of money he has raised from big-money lobbyists all trying to influence him? Is his vote for sale?

    I wish the Cagle campaign would stick to the issues. I wish they would renounce the efforts of liberals and democrats to assist their campaign. And I wish the Atlanta politicians would trust the voters of Georgia to make the right decision, rather than trying to use their smoke-filled rooms to make deals about who will lead Georgia out of our sight.

    Ralph Reed is in this race. He has the qualifications, support of thousands of Republicans across Georgia, and, most important, a plan for making Georgia better.

  16. GAWire says:

    “””Ralph’s supporters are about the issues–and the exchange of ideas.”””

    It’s easy to say that you are “about the issues” when you are getting blasted on every other front, and you don’t have any experience or record that can accurately depict where you stand on the issues, except campaign promises (and we know what those are worth from Reed’s character background). It all clearly ties together, folks. Bring in the fact that a number of folks, especially Jack, just mentioned, as to the fact that only people who are behind attack – I think we got ourselves a horserace here, despite Ralph’s record-setting grassroots!

    And fyi to the person who wrote the AJC blog comments – 5600 volunteers don’t mean anything on Announcement Day if that number has only declined since.

  17. landman says:

    Its safe to say that probably fifty percent of this 5600 do not even know that they are on a list,much less active volunteers,much like those names released last week.

    The bottom line is Ralph is DAMAGED GOODS,and will not win this race.He sold out to the lure of Lobby Money and there is no coming back.Take the money and what’s left of your Reputation and go home,this isn’t K Street its Main Street.


  18. HowardDawg says:

    Do you Reed people on here really believe all this BS you’re writing or are you paid to do it?

    I mean seriously, you believe all this hooey?

  19. Sam Horton says:

    “You only attack because you’re behind.”

    I reckon that’s the whole reason Cagle’s been slinging mud since the very beginning.

  20. northside elephant says:

    R.R. just blew his load, what else is he going to say about Cagle? That Cagle is a corporate tool? We are Republicans we are all wealthy corporate tools!

  21. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I don’t have a problem with questioning votes or non-votes as long as there is the opportunity to rebut the criticism. Frankly, if this is Ralph’s big deal, it’s a bunch of nothing.

    Questions have been raised that he has still allowed to go unanswered.

    Blind loyalty is not a good thing for anyone. This is the process to air the issues so the public can make an educated choice.

  22. northside elephant says:

    UGA Bulldawg the point of attacking someone in a one-on-one primary is to reinforce partisanship (I am more Republican than my opponent) and draw contrast between ideologically identical candidates. Primary voters are not dissuaded by attacks and turnout is remarkably stable from year to year.

    It is an academic view that attacks decrease turnout -political professionals know otherwise. That aside, if you are running for statewide office you open yourself to the deepest sort of scrutiny from the media and your opponent.

    Reed’s problem is that his negatives are amazingly high for someone without elected experience. As Reed continues to attack Cagle he does so at his own peril -some of the attack “sticks” on the attacker. Once negatives hit 45%+ you face near statistically impossible odds of winning.

  23. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    The 70s song “Slip Sliding Away” describes the Reed campaign…..say goodnight Ralphie, the party is over.

  24. Silence says:

    “Blind loyalty is not good for anyone.” This, coming from the camp that claims that “Casey stands for everything God stands for!” Hm.

    “You only attack because you’re behind.” This, coming from the campaign that has been engaging in character assassination from the very beginning of this campaign.

    Early on in his first campaign for Georgia State Senate, a new GOP candidate was approached by his opponent, an incumbent democrat, and asked to sign a code of “campaign conduct,” which would prohibit any sort of “negativity” and then go to the press with their pledge. Wisely, the candidate chose not to sign it, and subsequently won the election when the voters realized how bad the voting record of the incumbent really was.

    That’s what we have here, folks. The simple fact of the matter is this: when it comes to leadership, conservative politics, and family values, Casey Cagle cannot compete with Ralph Reed. Ralph led the Christian Coalition, the Georgia Republican Party, Century Strategies, and the Bush campaign to victory time and again. Walking in the “night,” he championed our conservative values to victory time and time again. That’s leadership. Go to his website. Check out his vision for Georgia. That’s leadership.

    Casey Cagle, on the other hand, missed a vote on the most important private property rights bill in Georgia. He failed to recieve a single vote when he ran for majority leader in the first Republican Senate Caucus. He’s failed to pass a single piece of major legislation this session. Can anyone point to a significant bill he did in the Senate last session? Even as a committee chairman? Cecil Staton, Greg Goggans, Jeff Chapman, and John Wiles have done more as freshmen since they were elected than Cagle.

    So, they resort to character assassinations and personal attacks. Is Ralph perfect? Nope. He struggles with being friendly, and personable. Folks feel like he doesn’t even know they are there. Is he ambitious? Absolutely. Little man syndrome? Some people think so. But then again, is anyone, particularly in this cesspool we call politics, perfect?

    I was talking one day to one of the state legislators who has endorsed Casey. He was telling me about an event where Ralph and Casey both spoke. He proceeded to tell me that in his mind, Casey performed brilliantly at the lecturn that evening, and gave the best speech he’d ever heard Casey give. Reed, on the other hand, was just playing around. And you know what, says he? Ralph was still better.

    This is the sum of the matter, ladies and gentlemen. We CAN’T drop back, sign a code of ethical conduct, and focus only on issues, because then, Casey loses. On a level playing field, Casey loses. So, as is so common in many competitive pursuits of all types, let’s handicap one player so the other player can win.

    Time will tell.

  25. HowardDawg says:

    That other guy on here is right. This board is lot better when this Silence person doesn’t post.

    If it were all about who was the better speaker Al Gore and John Kerry would be President.

    Cagle offers a clear platform on his website and if memory serves he was the first to do it.

    It’s pretty obvious that Ralph has been trying to play catchup to Cagle since the beginning of this race. Adn the few remaining reed supporters are just getting more and more hysterical the further their candidate drops.

    Man, you people are sad.

  26. Silence says:

    Pardon me a moment while I wax as immature as the rest of you people on here:

    HowardDawg, don’t hate the playa, man, hate the game! I mean, c’mon, if you can’t handle the heat, maybe you should just go cool your jets, eh?

    See, this is a prime example of what I’m talking about. If someone comes back and says this: Look, 2005 session, Casey Cagle sponsored and shepherded S.B. XXX, I’ll eat crow. I will say, “heck, I was wrong, Casey did show some strong leadership on that issue.”

    However, it’s obvious that even with an open door to talk about Casey’s ostensible leadership on issues, all his supporters can do is engage in further vitriolic pissing and ignore issues.

    Sorry, that’s not to my taste. I’ll go back in my hole now. I apparently should never have come out, anyway.

  27. GAWire says:

    Back to someone’s earlier point about if only the folks behind attack, then Cagle must have been behind …

    It is no secret that Cagle was the underdog when this race started – maybe not as far as a lot of people were concerned, but considering Ralph’s strong (or seemingly strong) kick-off and fundraising numbers, Cagle has had to be the one to come from behind. He has done a remarkable job of that so far, and honestly with little attacks. Seriously, the readaboutreed website was actually holding back – same thing with the campaign’s press releases – they have all been holding back. Cagle could have come out much stronger against Reed. On the other end, to say nothing of Reed’s past and current scandal issues would be rediculous.

    Attention, Reed folks: there is a difference between attacks that are just untrue, stretching, and serve no reasonable purpose with overall benefit for more than just the candidate; and, pointing out the rediculously obvious flaws that a candidate, who has no business in a race and is only hurting the Party by his presence. So, stop trying to compare the two.

  28. GAWire says:

    And one final note to all of you folks who just want us all to get along and stop discussing this race: It ain’t happening! I agree that this race get’s old, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a very important issue to the Party right now. So, if you want to be a person who votes for b/c you don’t want to discuss this race anymore or stir debate, then I encourage you to get real and get with the program.

    This Lt Gov race might get old, and the Reed attacks, and Cagle defenses might get old, but try to consider long term implications or possibilities that could occur due to the outcome of this race. This race is a serious issue for our Party right now, and trying to ignore it with a “can’t we all just get along” attitude ain’t gonna fixee fixee.

    I would hope that our regional Party leaders would realize this, and step up to make sure the right candidate who will have the most benefit for the Party and voters in the long term is elected now, SO THAT after July, this will be a non-issue. Otherwise, get used to it, b/c we will be discussing this (and the resulting division within the Party) for YEARS to come!. We can either address this issue now and shut it down, or we can make it an issue that is only going to bite us again, again, and again in the future.

    Btw, being a Party leader is about finding the BEST CANDIDATES and getting behind them – not about personal allegiances. If you are confused as to who is the best candidate in this race, you shouldn’t be a Party leader.

  29. larry smith says:


    Your mom’s calling. Your PBJ and juice box are ready … time to head upstairs and chow down!

  30. HowardDawg says:

    Well for starters, according to his website, Cagle pushed through the Heidi’s law to help stop serial drunk drivers and he pushed through the ESPLOST legislation. Both of which occurred when the Democrats were in complete control and it was incredibly hard to pass any legislation.

    I don’t know what he has done recently but I”m going to find out.

    Ultimately it won’t make any difference becuase I’ve watched how these reed worshippers like Silence respond. They overexaggerate and sometimes outright lie about Casey and when confronted with facts (like this legislation or Casey’s plans on jobs and education) they turn into shrill ostriches, shaking their heads and whining and then slam their heads into the ground.

    Silence, you won’t admit that Casey’s got a great record of leadership in the Senate because you will lose whatever job you have with Ralph when this race is over. That and, well, you’re just not that bright.

    Ralph is the one who is not qualified for this office. Working as a party hack does not qualify someone to lead. It just means you need to get a life.

  31. Sara says:

    Dear Senator Cagle,

    Where were you during this vote? (When you open Microsoft Outlook just type “Go To Date”)

    Do you believe eminent domain should only be used for roads and schools?

    What is your position on the NASCAR Hall of Fame and spending taxpayer dollars?

    Since lobbyists apparently give only to gain influence, have you taken lobbyist money in this race? And, if so, which groups?

    What is your position on House Bill 218 from last year?

    Just a few questions related to issues. I don’t want to hear anything about how Reed is bad, how you were raised by a single mom, or comments about how stupid I am. That seems to be the tenor of this board. I just want simple answers to simple questions. A race is about issues and the candidates positions on those issues.

  32. GAWire says:

    Those are all great questions!

    FYI, many times organizational questionnaires and campaign responses are made available to the public, although, not as much as they used to be.

    Also, voting records, lobbyists reports, financial disclosures, etc – all of this available to the public, and is no match for Google to tell you the answers you are looking for fairly easily. There is responsibility on your part, though, to find some of these answers. If you are expecting someone else (especially the gov’t) to tell you everything you are looking for, then you probably aren’t voting in this Primary anyways.

    Still, I encourage everyone to submit questions to the campaigns. Ask them specifics. If you want to know something – they should give it to you, unless it is obviously rediculous (i.e. “To Reed: Why do you always lie” or something like that). Ask the candidates realistic questions, like how many votes have you missed throughout your elected career? how many pieces of legislation have you introduced? How many pieces of legislation have you successfully sponsored and passed? What committees do you sit on? Have you Chaired any committees? How does your EXPERIENCE as an elected official representing Georgians make you qualified to continue holding office in this state? Where do you stand on ? How does your record reflect that support or opposition? Why do you support or oppose that? etc, etc, etc – you get the idea.

    Just make sure you ask Ralph Reed all those same questions!

  33. Ryan Smith says:

    It seems fairly straightfoward to me – while Cagle continually falls back on his “I’ve got experience” response, Reed actually provides his listeners with responses that address the topic of debate. I find it extremely ironic that Cagle so passionately supports the rights of private land owners with concerns to eminant domain considering the fact that he didn’t find it worth while to vote on S.B. 86. I guess Cagle may win the support of Nascar fanatics.

  34. Bill Simon says:

    Bill Clinton was all about issues, yet all he was attacked on was his personal dalliances.

    It is perfectly alright to attack Ralph on his credibility…because THAT is what matters to any job, whether public office or not.

    It’s a shame Mr. Howell doesn’t see that…he would probably hire a liar who could talk to him about “issues” over a boring job applicant who was more than competent but didn’t particularly like engaging in small talk.

  35. northside elephant says:

    Can I ask you all what you think about this?

    The Reed support runs deep but it seems narrow -even in the really conservative counties like Cherokee and Cobb. Reed supporters are vocal and unwaverable but not exactly as impressive as one might expect.

    I was looking through the list of Reed people and donors and there are many, many local grassroots types that I have known for a long time that are NOT behind Reed.

  36. northside elephant says:

    Basically beyond the campaign hype from each side how strong is Reed’s support at the grassroots level?

  37. larry smith says:

    Have ya’ll noticed that the Cagle supporters on this board seem to be real people, while most of the Reed posts are coming from the same person logging on with different anonymous names?

  38. GAWire says:

    To answer the question: Not very, or at least not as strong as he would like everyone to think.

    Reed’s “list of supporters” started out as no more than a list of names that Ralph had of people he had worked with as State Chair. I bet the GAGOP’s grassroots support list looked very similar to Reed’s initial list, and then Reed just added a bunch of other names with the mentality of “oh, I knew him/her and he/she did a lot of grassroots support for the Party, so surely he/she would like to be on my grassroots list.” Also, remember, in most campaigns, a “supporter” list is nothing more than a “grassroots contact” list.

  39. HowardDawg says:

    someone said it best earlier in this post. Ralph Reed is a fraud. I don’t believe anything the man puts out. There’s a difference between spin and outright deception (ie Ralph saying for the last year he didn’t know anything about the source of the money, then we find out he was directing the laundering of it).

    The man is a disgrace.

  40. Tater Tate says:

    I have stayed away from this blog because of the slime this race has brought out and no where else more than here.

    Even if what everyone here says about Ralph is true–and I think very little, if any, really is–I am still shocked by the comments of so many who post here that reveal nothing less than hatred for this man.

    I just don’t get it.

    But I do understand that this will be a long and dirty race, not because of what Ralph may do to Cagle by pointing out his record, but by the hate-filled venom that will be spit out of the months of all the Reed haters.

    This has ultimately to be an anti-Christian thing. The secular side of the party just cannot stand the thoughts of this guy getting elected. Its ok for him to help us get our majority, but don’t let him think about running for office.

    God knows we have enough Republicans who have said the right things to get elected, but don’t come through on the Republican ideals and fulfill our promise. Ralph might actually get something done with respect to our Republican principles.

    Oh, I know that some Christian conservatives have become convinced that Ralph is not the real thing, but in spite of his business acumen, Ralph is far closer to our values, than the power broker secular Republicans who are backing Cagle and who actually think they can get Ralph out of this race by destroying him. The few Christian conservatives who may have defected will soon see their mistake for what it is. Cagle is a pawn of special interested and Republicans who do not embrace the values of conservative Republicans, just their power hungry status quo that has taken us to where we are in D.C. today.

    That is not the fault of Reed and the lobbyists, but politicians without principles.

    So why can’t we debate ideas? Neither of these candidates needs to be destroyed in this process, but their is a clear distinction between the two and Reed wins on principles, despite the venom of your comments. The intensity of the comments of the Reed haters helps me to know that I am right to stand by him.

  41. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Tater, No one is attacking anyone’s faith.

    There are legitimate questions that have been raised and Ralph, instead of answering honestly, has done the duck and weave. Ralph is no Martyr.

    Ralph might actually get something done with respect to our Republican principles.”””
    Like the employees of Enron who were stiffed their pensions while Ralph made some $20,000 a month? Or doing the body slam on his client Sen. Richard Shelby (((R))) on behalf of his client Channel One (cause they probably paid more)?

  42. larry smith says:


    When it comes to which candidate is an honest, sincere Christian who actually lives what he professes to believe, Cagle beats Reed hands down. He’s a rock-solid member of his church, co-founded the crisis pregnancy center in his home town, and has a 100% record on any social conservative scorecard you’d care to use.

    Reed, on the other hand, has essentially taken advantage of honest, sincere Christian conservatives in order to enrich himself. I’m not going to bother repeating the details, because they are all public and nothing I say will convince you to see what is right before your eyes.

    If you’re going to use religious devotion as a yardstick for suitability for public office, your candidate fails to meet the standard.

  43. HowardDawg says:

    Running around whoring yourself out to corporations and selling your influence with honest, God-fearing Christians is a disgrace.

    I’m a believer and a solid conservative. I’m 110% prolife. But I get sick to my stomach watching others conservative Christians just follow blindly people like Ralph Reed. Honesty is honesty. Facts are facts. Ralph got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and he’s lied about it consistently since he got in this race. He still won’t admit he was wrong or he was wrong for lying. He just says he’s sorry for causing people some discomfort.

    Tater, wake up! You can support him despite his failings if you want, but don’t minimize them and say they’re meaningless. That just makes you a mindless fool.

  44. Beth says:

    Ralph is a master speaker and can frame and discuss issues with the best of them (ala Bill Clinton – one of the best public speakers of our time). Casey is a good ol’ boy who will lose to Ralph in any debate thats not Casey strong point. At the end of the day Ralph is a sleezebag who went after money vs. his values. Casey has a real track recorrd that you can look at and judge. Ralph is a spin meister.

  45. GAWire says:

    Tater, you are misinformed, and you simply do not understand that current situation if you believe this has anything to do with attacking Christianity or Ralph’s faith. I, like Howard am a staunch conservative – socially and fiscally and am very pro-life, not to mention the fact that I am a conservative Christian. That being said, these are not the issues we are discussing in the Lt. Gov Primary. Why would we attack Ralph for being a Christian?Cagle and Reed both are conservative, pro-life, Christians, fiscal conservatives, etc.

    So, that brings us to who has experience and whose past shows credibility, leadership, and courage to stand up for what they believe and the people they serve. The candidate who portrays those characteristics most is obvious. That is what this race is about – not your misinformed claims about attacking christianity, etc. If you are voting for which candidate you think to be the bigger Christian, then I suggest you just stay home on E.D.

    You are just like Ralph – you think that all Christians should vote for you, b/c he worked for Pat Robertson and the Christian Coalition, and if they don’t, then you make them feel bad for it.

    Talk about “slime”, Tater – you are the epitomy of slime, and you capture every misinformed conception about GOP politics that will ultimately damage this Party in the long term. If you vote for what or whom you percieve as faithful, then you will be let down. Let your faith help you decide what man/woman will be the best leaders, and use their past, experience, record, etc to show you that. Really, I don’t care what you do – just STOP trying to act like anyone against Ralph is anti-Christian and that that’s what this race is about!

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