On Ralph Reed

&#8220I await a press release from the flaggers any day now proving that Ralph Reed mapped out Sherman’s path to the sea.&#8221

I get a lot of flack from friend and foe about the Lieutenant Governor’s race. My Reed friends, and I have very many, are constantly harping on the fact that we have no pro-Ralph people writing on the front page anymore. Folks, I’ve asked several of them to write and they’ve all declined. Now I’ve just resorted to asking the front pagers to cease and desist writing about the damn race.

I’m trying to keep some objectivity in this race. I like Ralph Reed. I think he has done a lot for the party. In fact, though apparently a lot of you disagree, I would go so far as to say that but for Ralph Reed in 2002, the GOP might just now be on the cusp of making inroads into state government. Disagree all you want, but I think that is a fact that only the true Reed haters will dispute.

I don’t know Casey Cagle. I’ve never met him. I know Joel McElhannon and very much like him. I also know David Shafer and very much like him. Between the two of them and the rest of his campaign staff, I feel very confident that Cagle is in good hands.

What disturbs me is this Reed Derangement Syndrome that has been creeping into state Republicans. Poor GaWire, who is otherwise very intelligent and reasoned, has taken to foaming at the mouth on the front page. Ralph Reed can cause strange things to happen to people.

Like the left attacking Bush, it seems a fair number of Republicans see Ralph Reed behind every satanic plot, nefarious deed, and crooked scheme to ever exist. I await a press release from the flaggers any day now proving that Ralph Reed mapped out Sherman’s path to the sea.

Am I for Ralph? Yes. Am I for Casey? Yes. Whichever of these guys gets the nomination, I’ll work my butt off for him. Do I think there is merit to the Abramoff accusations? Yes, but I also think the accusations have been blown out of proportion and frequently taken out of context.

I understand that if Ralph Reed were to get the nomination, the Democrats would have a field day turning him into a demon. I also understand that if Casey Cagle gets the nomination, the Democrats would do the same damn thing.

Lastly, I understand that it is early and people are just starting to pay attention. Ralph Reed is not the frontrunner right now. He has too much baggage weighing him down. But the day is early, the race is still young, and Ralph may just pull it off.

Calls for Ralph Reed to drop out of the race are premature. I will rely on the judgment of educated primary voters to make the choice of who should be the GOP’s nominee and, if they think Ralph Reed would be better than Casey Cagle, so be it. I’ll have his sign in my yard — same goes for Casey Cagle.

Now I suggest it is time for the Cagle proponents to start championing Casey Cagle and it is time for the Ralph Reed proponents to champion Ralph Reed instead of just beating the hell out of each other. As for me, I’ll continue to observe the race and deal with all the b.s. that keeps coming my way when ever I dare say anything favorable or negative about either of these two candidates.

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  1. Bill Simon says:

    Yes, where is Mr. Buzz Brockway on championing Ralph Reed’s support of Communist China?

    As an aside, Erick, I find it more than mildy humorous that your decision to vote for a candidate might come down to whether or not you know the person well enough to “like” the candidate. There is MORE than enough evidence available on Mr. Reed, regardless of what comes-up about Mr. Cagle.

    A person would have to be a complete idiot not to see and recognize that all of Ralph’s moves since 1997 have been about making money first (and, as much as he could, regardless of the cause he worked for), and applying his religious principles and beliefs second, third, or never even considering them in his decisions.

    Erick, you don’t strike me as a complete idiot. Cecil Staton sure does, but you don’t.

  2. Jim M. says:

    Cagle is not on the same level as Ralph. It is not fair to compare the two. Ralph is a figure of national importance and Cagle is a nobody compared to him. Except for the liberal conspiracy against Ralph, no one would have heard of Casey Cagle outside of Gainesville.

    Ralph does not need front page posters at this site. He does not need endorsement or contributions. He has a mighty grass roots army, and it is the only thing that will save Sonny Perdue and the GOP in 2008. The legislators who are opposing Ralph have signed their own political death warrants.

    Cagle could have been a minor official under Ralph if he stayed in the Senate, but the liberals are using him to attack a Republican icon. “Big Mac” McElhannon is using Cagle to make money and feed his hamburger habit. No one has heard the name David Shafer since the Liberals used him to run against Ralph in 2001 for Chairman.

    This is a race for the soul of the Republican Party, conservative versus liberal. Ralph is the conservative. Cagle is a straw man candidate. He is the tool of the national liberals, the AJC, John McCain, Big Government Republicans in the State Legislature, and his own self serving consultants.

  3. Rusty says:

    Suburbanites know the score with Reed. They call him a snake oil salesman, like an old revival tent evangelist who paid children to pretend like they couldn’t walk so they could be “cured” by basking in the light of God’s loins, as only he could deliver it. Count to ten after the kid rises from his wheelchair and you’ll see the collection plates being passed around. He’s a fraud, a hypocrite and a degenerate. He’s an exponentially more destructive mutation of the virus that caused Benny Hinn.

    I hope Reed makes it through the Lt. Gov. primary the same way I hope Senator Brownback makes it through the 2008 presidential primary. Reed won’t just lose, he’ll drag a whole bunch of folks down with him. Then maybe the GOP will tell the theocrats where to stick their Bibles and there will be an actual choice on electoral ballots again.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    Why would I do that Bill? I don’t agree with permanent normal trade relations with China. Contrary to what you think, supporting a candidate doesn’t mean you agree with everything that candidate has done, and it doesn’t mean you worship the ground that candidate walks on. I certainly don’t worship Ralph Reed or any other candidate or elected official.

    Unlike some, I don’t kick a man when he’s down and I don’t pull my support from someone simply because they make a mistake and times get tough. Reed has admitted doing business with Abramoff was a mistake – you say he’s insincere – I take him at his word. And no, I don’t have my head in the sand about this.

    I don’t post much about Reed because Erick asked me not to. I’m not a shill for anyone, I just try to write about things I find interesting.

    Finally, when you use phrases like “complete idiot” to refer to those who may reach a different conclusion than you do, you become just like the religious right extremists you constantly criticize – dogmatic and judgemental. I didn’t think you were like that.

  5. Jack S says:

    It’s not about the heart and soul of hte Republican Party. It’s about winning!

    Reed’s hypocrisy and his lies have cost him his business, his reputation and his candidacy. he will cost all of us the Republican majority if we don’t take a stand. That’s what the Republican senators are saying.

    For those of us who actually care about Republican principles being truly advanced in our state (instead of just sitting around talking about how great it would be if we did this or that), we have to get this guy off the ticket.

    Ralph literally is the bill Clinton of hte Republican Party. His apology is not sincere and if you read it all he really apologizes for is causing some people some discomfort. He doesn’t admit his actions were wrong and he doesn’t apologize for lying about for the last year.

    Ralph Reed represents the very worst of politics and it’s a disgrace to our Party that we would make excuses for him.

  6. Bill Simon says:


    Ralph’s support of China was NOT related to Jack Abramoff. He cut that deal all on his own.

    Boy, I’m sure glad this the Ree-pub-lick-an Party we are all members of. Lord, one would hate to have to be in a political party where one would have to believe in taking RESPONSIBILITY for one’s own actions in order to abide by principles, eh?

  7. landman says:

    Erick,I could really care less who you support in this race ,but the fact that you act as a unbiased observer is a joke.

    Buzz,While I strongly disagree with your description of RR behavior as a mistake rather than the pattern that it is, I respect the fact that you are willing to go on the record as a Reed supporter.

    We can argue all day of RR significance in the Ga. Republican Party in the past ,what matters is the present and it is a fact that RR is a very divisive figure,so why take the chance of him wrecking the ticket.Comparing the concern that loyal Republicans have regarding a Reed candidancy with what the liberal left does to President Bush is a very poor sumation of the facts.

    If you go to any of the events at the Capitol this session it is very obvious that evryone is dodging being seen with RR( with the exception of Sen. Hudgens).You are right Buzz ,RR will not get out of this race BUT HE SHOULD!!!!!!


  8. I think everyone can agree that I’m not a Republican, but even if I was, there is no way that I’d pick Ralph Reed as my party’s nominee for Lt. Governor.

    To reiterate (spelling?) what’s been said by other commenters, Ralph Reed is a divisive figure who has the potential to do to the Republican Party in 2006 what Mitch Skandalakis did to the Republican Party in 1998.

    I’m a Democrat and a member of the State Committee for the Democratic Party of Georgia, and I’ll be the first to tell you that I’ll be working to elect the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor, but…

    If someone were to ask me which Republican I could live & be comfortable with, as Georgia’s next Lt. Governor, I’d say Casey Cagle because Cagle has the experience to be the presiding officer in the Georgia state Senate.

    That’s the Lt. Governor’s main job; to preside over the state Senate as it’s President and frankly, I don’t think that Ralph Reed knows enough about the legislative process & the rules of the Senate to be an effective presiding officer.

    So if you want experience, then I think you should vote for the candidate who’s actually served in the body that he wants to preside over.

    And that’s as close to a Casey Cagle endorsement as you’re gonna get from this Democrat.

  9. TrueBlue says:

    Erick, it is ridiculous for you to say “but for Ralph Reed in 2002” we would still the minority party. Ralph was a total failure as state chairman. He failed to win either house of the General Assembly or any new statewide constitutional offices, except for Sonny Perdue (who Ralph threw under the bus and did absolutely nothing to help!). Ralph spent his whole time as state chairman meddling in Republican primaries, trying to punish Republicans who had not supported him for state chairman (such as John Linder). The candidates of 2002 were ready to lynch Ralph Reed on election day, and that is why Sonny Perdue dismissed him as chairman.

  10. Maurice Atkinson says:

    It would by hypocritical of me not to acknowledge the work that Ralph did for the Party during his term as Chairman. He worked diligently at conducting statewide training workshops for Party activists and officers. I attended several and they were well planned. The Road to Majority conference at Calloway Gardens was tremendous. There was a synergy and cohesiveness of an outstanding agenda moving forward.

    I appreciate those efforts. However, it is also legitimate to raise the questions of the numerous issues surrounding his work:
    Channel One
    Casino Jack
    etc. etc.

    It is legitimate to demand Integrity and sound ethics from our candidates and elected leaders.

  11. jackson says:

    It’s telling that Erick cannot find one quality person to come on this site as a front page poster and defend Ralph Reed.

    No one is willing to stake their reputation on this guy on a web blog. Why should we stake our state senate on him?

    Ralph used to be someone I admired. Now with everything I’ve learned, I think he’s a fraud.

    He deserves to lose and the quicker the GOP gets rid of frauds like Ralph the better.

  12. Hortence says:

    While I find it difficult that some still support Ralph, it is everyone’s right to support whomever they want in this primary.

    For me personally, I find it difficult to support someone who has been less than honest about their business dealings. Had the Senate committee not brought out the emails into the public domain, it is likely that Mr. Reed would have continued to mislead the public and his supporters about his involvement. Only when faced with the facts, did Mr. Reed cede his involvement.

    What is also telling is that he said he didn’t know about what was going on with Abramoff, but yet again, if you read the emails between Mr. Reed and Mr. Abramoff, it is easy to see that Mr. Reed was very much involved from day one.

    If we ever made it past the Abramoff/Reed situation, there is much more out there that should cause pause in regards to Mr. Reed.

    No one has brought up the fact that Reed was a high paid lobbyist for Enron as it was headed for bankruptcy. The employees of Enron lost everything they had, yet Reed did not refund any of his $20,000 a month retainer to any type of relief efforts for those employees.

    On a personal level, Reed represents a side of politics that I think is below that of Georgia politics.

    I know Erick, you don’t want us posting so much about this race, but the fact of the matter is that the person elected to this position will immediately be the front runner in 2010 for the Republican Nomination to be Governor and will be instrumental in moving our state forward.

    To those still supporting Ralph or in denial about his ethical lapses, you continue to support a candidate at the risk of your own reputation in your community and amongst your friends.

    I encourage you to look into Senator Casey Cagle at http://www.caseycagle.com and find out why so many Georgians, one at a time, have turned to Casey as the better candidate for this important office.

  13. Booray says:

    Ralph’s problems are not the product of a liberal conspiracy. They are the product of greed which overcame the principles he claimed to hold. In Sunday School, it’s called hypocrisy.

    And if Erick thinks Abramoff will hurt Cagle just as much as it would hurt Reed, I’m not sure what kind of “fairness weed” he is smoking. That’s plainly ridiculous.

    Folks, this is not hard. Reed should not be the Republican nominee.

    Booray Bussey

  14. Decaturguy says:

    A figure of national importance? Only because of his involvement in a national money laundering scandal.

    Liberal conspiracy? If Ralph Reed is the victim of a liberal conspiracy, then 21 Republican members of the state Senate are part of that conspiracy. If true, you guys have got a lot more problems than I could even imagine.

  15. GAWire says:

    I will only say this … I tried to make a point not to use Ralph’s scandals to defend why he should drop this race.

    He should drop this race, b/c there is a better GOP candidate that can do more for the people of Georgia and Party in the long term. Personally, I think that negates arguments like Buzz’ and Ericks’. The longer we sit around and say “I will put a sign in my yard for whoever wins the Primary” – the worse we are going to be months or even years down the road when things like scandals come back to haunt the Party. At that point, we can’t do anything about our elected officials, except lose office.

    Another reason I don’t want to bring up scandals against Ralph is b/c it makes the GOP look like a bunch of Abramoff-ites (just made that one up). Finally, I know Ralph, so I don’t need to use scandals to show why he shouldn’t be in office, which, again, only makes us all look bad.

    Bobby Khan and the Dems will be using scandals to defeat Ralph AND ALL GOP CANDIDATES INCLUDING SONNY if he is in the General. I am trying to appeal to Ralph’s loyalty to Party now, in order to prevent it from coming to that.

  16. GAWire says:

    “””Cagle is not on the same level as Ralph.”””

    Jim, is that b/c S-a-x-b-y-C-h-a-m-b-l-is-s has endorsed Ralph?!?

    Boy, that still gives me a good chuckle! If others don’t get it, I encourage you to look back at the post about Ralph’s new endorsements. It’s a great laugh to get the week started off well!

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