Ralph Reed: Please Stop Your Campaigning NOW!

This is a post that could very well make me lose my ability to contribute on the front page, but this is just something I would like to say.  Firstly, this is copied from a comment that I had on the post about Ralph’s new website.  And, secondly, due to Bobby Khan’s post that was 100% taken from the Democrats’ spin agenda (and a lousy attempt at that), I am putting aside any attempt at journalistic-type comments on the main page, and making a post that is somewhat agenda-based; however, please bear in mind, that this is not my personal agenda – this is based on the way that so many Republicans in Georgia feel about what is currently happening in the GA Lt. Gov race.  Consider this more of an op-ed – there is no spin or wild accusations here – just the facts! 

Finally, let me say that this isn’t about Ralph and scandals or any of that – this is about who is best in this race.  I am putting aside my strategist hat and speaking as someone that deeply cares about the future of the GOP in this state.  So, here you go …

There is NOT ONE THING in Ralph Reed’s background or experience that makes him more qualified than Casey Cagle at the position of GA’s Lt. Governor – NOT ONE THING! If you try to argue that FACT, then you should where a sign around your neck that just let’s everyone know that you have no clue what you are talking about, so they don’t waste their time. Many bad or mediocre candidates run b/c there is no one better that can do the job (i.e. Bob Dole) – I am here to tell everyone: THAT IS NOT THE CASE IN GEORGIA RIGHT NOW!

Ralph could drop out of this race completely for the good of the Party, KNOWING that there is an awesome candidate who really has a shot at winning this race in November, and ultimately leading this Party into the future. However, Ralph proceeds in his efforts, which are 100% based on his OWN AMBITIONS to rise to power – his intentions have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with doing what’s right and best for the GOP or Georgia voters.

So, let’s forget about Ralph’s past – let’s forget about any associations he has with Abramoff, or anything he did against McCain, and his actions early on in CRs – forget it all, b/c I don’t really care anymore. The fact that Ralph Reed is running purely for his own benefit, with total disregard to what is best for the Party and the people of Georgia, when there is a man who will do a great job, is COMPLETELY ENOUGH REASON TO VOTE AGAINST RALPH REED! I hope more GA Republican voters can see just how true that is, and take it to heart when they go into the voting booth in a few months!

I want to urge Republicans in Georgia to contact Ralph Reed’s campaign at 678-957-0000 or www.ralphreed.com to urge him to step aside for the greater good of the Republican Party in Georgia.  Let him know that you are tired of hearing about lobbying scandals, Jack Abramoff, and all that typical trash too often associated with politics and that is tearing down the GOP everyday.  Thank Ralph for his efforts to help Republican candidates in the past, and maybe even let him know that you support his work for the GOP in the future – just not as a candidate in Georgia.  Also, let him know that Casey Cagle is a candidate that has so much potential to help Republicans and Georgians in the future. 

 The longer we allow sub-standard candidates to run and thrive when there are so many great men and women out there who can do better jobs, the more we will continue decline.  If you think that because the GOP tookover the House recently and now dominate state government means that we are smooth sailing from here, then you couldn’t be more mistaken.  Let me tell you right now:  WE ARE AT RISK!  We might not lose all control and leadership in 2006 but EVERY election can potentially lay the groundwork for future loss.  So, I encourage GOP voters to think about the long term.  Think about what would truly be best for this Party – not in 2006, not in 2008, but think about 5, 10, and 20 years in the future – where will we be and more importantly, who will be leading us? 

Finally, think about Ralph Reed vs. Casey Cagle, and ask yourself: based on Cagle’s record and experience compared to Reed’s record and experience, in addition to both of their platforms, can you really say that Ralph would be better, and still be honest with yourself? 

So, all that is left to say is:  Ralph Reed, please drop out of the Lt. Gov race NOW!  Step aside for the good of the Party!  Let your friend and GOP colleague, who is extremely qualified, take the roll of furthering the conservative, GOP agenda in office!  Put aside your personal ambitions, and just bow out respectfully.  The time to do this has come!


  1. GAWire says:

    Get real. Be honest with yourself and think logically. Quit giving the same old crap! I did it by not making another Ralph-Abramoff comment. Come up with something legitimate!

  2. law303peachtreeroad says:

    It’s a good thing you can stick to blogging Wire. Ralph Reed is one of the keys to Governor Perdue’s success. Without Ralph Reed rallying the Christian base through his superb grassroots network, Sonny will be in huge trouble this November. Reed, Stephens, Kemp will be the ticket that solidifies the conservative foundation in this state. I think it’s time you did the right thing and took that nonsense off the front page, it does you a disservice.

  3. Jack S says:

    The Governor does need a strong turnout among the base. but it is absolutely bizarre to argue that putting a man now renowned across the nation for being in bed with felons will help.

    we turn out the base when we operate with some basic integrity and do the things we promised we’d do. not when we nominate charlatan, hypocrits.

    yes, we need to turn out the base. Ralph will kill any effort to do so.

    and for the record, Ralph has no conservative base throughout hte state. He offered to pay them to show up at the Coalition event and barely matched Cagle.


  4. GAWire says:

    Ok, law, what was the turnout of traditional religious voters in 2002? Can you really say that Ralph’s religious base won it for Sonny? Not if you know halfway what you are talking about. Religious voters are notorious for getting behind a candidate and then not turning out to vote on ED. Also, I have seen the numerical and demographic turnout of voters in the last GA Gov race – you might want to reconsider that argument.

    I have said this numerous times before – Ralph has done a lot in the past to get Republicans elected. I have supported Ralph’s behind the scenes campaign efforts in the past, and guess what … I have even worked with him on some of those efforts (gasp). Still, that point has no relevance to Ralph’s current campaign to become a statewide elected official in GA. His prior campaign experience DOES NOT make him a good candidate, and certainly doesn’t make him a better candidate than Cagle.

    If that is your argument for why Ralph is better than Cagle, then I will consider my point made.

  5. Melb says:

    What suprised me is that I ran into a few conservatives on my campus and they were die hard Reed fans. I thought that they would look to CC for more leadership, but I think a problem that CC could run into (and I could be totally wrong) is that most people don’t pay as much attention to state politics as they do national, so Reed is a figure that they connect with political leadership not CC.

  6. GAWire says:

    Melb, I’m not trying to jump on you here, but I don’t see the reasoning that if people make a connection to a national figure, then they support Reed – that would most likely be a negative association for him.

    Again, not trying to jump on you b/c your point is valid, and if you saw it, then you saw it. I do know that Ralph has done more campaigning on campuses, and you have to remember that Ralph has support among CR’s throughout the state, especially in Athens. The only thing I can say to that is that the only people more notorious for not turning out to vote on ED even if they say they support you during the campaign than religious voters are students! If you are depending on religious base and student voters to turnout for you, then don’t expect much. At least that is what history has taught us, but things do change. Guess I have my strategist hat back on now …

  7. Beth says:

    Wire – I sthe same true for Primaries. I thought the CR’s were 30% of the Republican Primary vote in GA. If they turn out then it’s good for Ralph. Then it’s heavy baggage for Sonny come November. In a General you have to be closer to center.

    Handel could also help Sonny in places that he hasn’t done so well including Fulton. She took more votes in Fulton in 2002 than Sonny.

  8. GAWire says:

    Beth- Maybe I am not following you but if College Republicans were 30% of the GOP Primary vote, then that would mean a VERY large percentage of students turned out to vote – more students than are in the entire state total, I believe. Perhaps I am missing something, or maybe I missed that percentage somewhere. Is that percentage based on the amount of registered voters who are CR’s, or CR’s that turned out on E.D. in prior elections?

    In my opinion, if CR’s make up 30% of GOP turnout, then we are doing a horrible job of registering and turning out Republicans.

  9. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Sonny is fine and will do far better without Reed. Good Lord, Reed did nothing for Sonny, in fact, Reed spent little on Sonny’s campaign and suggested to the RNC to spend their assets on Saxby, that Sonny couldn’t win. Now the man is trotting statewide suggesting he somehow was responsible for the Governor’s win.


    34 Senators signing and publishing a letter asking him to withdraw from the race. 34 of the same legislators, should he be lucky enough to win, he will be presiding over. What a vote of confidence.

    The casino crap is only one element in the drama. There are many unanswered questions regarding a number of issues.

  10. Rick Day says:

    As an Indie, I totally support Ralph Reed and anyone as ‘moral’ as Rev Ralph.

    The more Capital B Bozos the duopoly put on the ballot the quicker the gummit will shift back to the center where it belongs.

    Run, Ralph Run! Please!

    Maybe Pat Robertson for Senate? Hmm…If we can get him to move to Jasper….


  11. Rick Day says:

    The more Bozos the duopoly runs the sooner the revolution to oust incumbents swells.

    Remember: the lord knows how you vote. Vote Ralph Reed. He is just Prettier than Cagle!

  12. Jim M. says:

    I call on Casey Cagle to withdraw from the race, to spare himself and his family humiliation on election day. Cagle is a PISS ANT compared to Ralph Reed. The legislators backing him are PISS ANTS, too.

    Ralph Reed will not be silenced. He will expose the Republicans in the General Assembly for what they are, big spending tax hikers who stand with big government against the taxpayer and property owners. Eric Johnson has come out against Ralph because Ralph has told him that he will not support his power grabbing SB 5!

    Only Ralph Reed’s grass roots network can save our GOP. The legislators who have told Ralph to get out of the race will end up in obscurity like Bob Irvin.

  13. Jim M. says:

    I am calling the Republican Senators the 34 Dwarfs. They need a real leader, not a Dwarf leader.

    ~Reed ‘06

  14. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Jim M.

    Well said, all points. I’d like to add a few more to your list, but won’t steal any of your Piss Ant Thunder!

    ~Reed, Stephens, Kemp ’06

  15. Maurice Atkinson says:

    And please tell me what is the difference between a grassroots supporter and a piss ant? We’re all a bunch of little people, compared to Ralph. So what.

    It is concerning that so many Republican leaders have voiced their concerns over his ethics and leadership. It’s more concerning that instead of Ralph addressing the questions he skirts it and blames everyone else. I recall in the 80’s when Jim Bakker was on television. The man whined daily that the liberal media (the Charlotte Observer) was out to destroy him. This sounds eerily familiar.

    My concerns are:

    1. Skandalakis 1998– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitch_Skandalakis
    2. Channel One- Shelby 1999- simultaneously running a campaign against his client (Sen. Richard Shelby) on behalf of another client Channel One, WHILE HE WAS RUNNING SHELBY’S RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN.
    3. ENRON– Hmmm, haven’t heard about that company. Wasn’t that the firm Ralph was on a $10,000 plus per month retainer until they went broke.
    4. Microsoft– do your own research.
    5. Casino Jack– manipulating the political process to protect market share for one tribe.

    These are legitimate concerns. Georgia hardly needs 4 years of ethics inquiries.

    As far as SB 5 is concerned. It’s dead, there are far more conservatives that Ralph who railed against that. And, when did Ralph ever voice objection to this? I have seen absolutely nothing from Ralph on that.

  16. landman says:

    Jim,let me get this straight, legislators are piss ants if they dont believe RR’s web of lies?These legislators are going to demonstrate to you Reed zombies what grassroots are all about.This is going to be fun to watch.

    Perdue,Cagle,Kemp,Stephens ’06

  17. Bull Moose says:

    Twenty-One Republican Senators Urge Reed To Exit Lt. Gov. Race
    (02/03/06) Twenty-one Republican senators who support Casey Cagle in the Republican race for lieutenant governor have signed a letter calling for Ralph Reed, his rival, to get out of the race.

    The letter was sent to the Marietta Daily Journal as a letter to the editor. It acknowledges Reed’s work in building the Christian Coalition and the Republican party, but says his work for discredited Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff threatens to drag the Georgia GOP ticket down this year.

    “His involvement in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal threatens to impact the entire Republican ticket and destroy all the Republican majority has worked so hard to accomplish,” the letter says.

    “With Reed on the Republican ticket in November, the Democrats will win the lieutenant governor’s office. Additionally, Reed’s nomination will attract significant opposition money from around the nation and negatively imnpact the re-election of the governor. For the good of the Republican Party, for the good of Georgia, we encourage Ralph Reed to withdraw from this race,” the letter says.

    The 21 senators constitute two-thirds of the Republican Caucus in the Senate but they stressed it is an individual position for them, not a caucus statement.

  18. Jim M. says:

    Law is the only sensible poster at this site besides myself, although I would think twice about Kemp who also employs “Big Mac” as his campaign manager.

    Maurice, your facts are wrong as usual. Ralph helped Mitch Skandalakis because Clint Day was running to the left in betrayal of conservative principles. Day refused to hire Ralph for this reason and Ralph had no choice but to bring Day down. Channel One, Enron and Microsoft are just the usual “guilt by association.” Ralph had no relationship with Abramoff other than Ralph was a subcontractor for a prestigious law firm that happened to employ Abramoff. More “guilt by association.”

    Bull Moose, you are a supporter of John McCain who is attacking Ralph. John McCain is part of the same liberal conspiracy as the AJC and the Big Government Republicans in the Georgia Legislature. The Dwarfs of the Senate GOP Caucus are attacking Ralph because he will not tolerate their Big Government ways on taxing, spending and eminent domain.

  19. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Jim, you are flat out gullible. It is amazing that you can suck up the drivel that your man dishes out. When someone steps in a pile a dog crap, it’s obvious. Ain’t no hiding it no matter how hard you try.

    Based on your assessment, Ralph was duped by everyone. Now, this is the same Ralph that is the brilliant strategist, businessman. Hmmm….

    So, I suppose Ralph really didn’t write those emails and someone probably stole his identity and contracted with Channel One etc. etc.

    Jim, get yourself some smelling salts and wake up.

  20. Beth says:

    Maybe Jim M. can remember who one of the sponsers of SB 5 was. I’ll give him a hint — reverse SB.

  21. Jack S says:

    Yeah, Beth, good call. Not Casey Cagle like Ralph bizarrely claimed at the Coalition event.

    It appears Ralph lies about everything.

  22. John Konop says:

    How can Ralph Reed be pro-communist China and pro-life ?

    Communist China throws girl babies in the river for population control. Communist China has child slave labor. Communist China you can not pull up democracy on the internet. I could go on and on ……..

  23. buzzbrockway says:

    I don’t understand why you want Reed to drop out. If you really want Reed’s political career destroyed for all time, just help Cagle beat the crap out of him in the primary. Instead we get hysterical rants about how the entire future of the Republican Party depends on Ralph Reed doing something he’s not going to do – namely drop out.

  24. John Konop says:


    I do not know Mr. Reed. As fas as him dropping out, that is up to Mr. Reed. Why is not the China issue a valid question ? As far as the party , our you not upset with the out of control spending ? Do you not think we have a problem with lobbyist ? I do believe “The truth wiil set you free” . Thanks jk

  25. TrueBlue says:

    Buzz, the effort to get Ralph to withdraw is not about “destroying Ralph for all time.” It is about protecting Sonny and the Republican Party from his increasing bizarre and desperate behavior. Angry at his own misfortune, Ralph is trying “take down” the whole Republican Party with him.

    At the Christian Coalition event last month, Ralph adopted the rhetoric of Bobby Kahn to attack Eric Johnson and the Senate Republican Caucus over Senate Bill 5. Casey Cagle was not even a sponsor of SB 5. Ralph’s target was the Republican General Assembly.

    Ralph’s campaign manager Jared Thomas has been darkly hinting that they are preparing to attack Casey’s “accumulated voting record” — a record identical to that of Sonny Perdue and most ever other conservative Republican in state. In an effort to deflect attention from Ralph by smearing all Republicans, Jared has also tried to equate lobbyist giving in Georgia to the crimes of Jack Abramoff . This earned a rebuke from Glenn Richardson, who said that lobbyist giving in Georgia is not like Reed’s “Scotland golf trip.”

    Ralph destroyed himself, Buzz. He did some good things in the early 1990s when he worked for the Christian Coalition, but since 1997, Ralph has been all about cashing in on his reputation as a conservative. It did not start with Ambramoff, the Indian casinos, eLottery or the Scotland golf trip. It started with pimping for Mitch Skandalakis. Then Red China, Enron, Puerto Rico and Channel One. He is not a conservative. Conservatives do not hire themselves out to fight federal decency standards for the cable TV industry.

    Ralph is angry and he is on the attack, not just against his opponent Casey Cagle but the whole Republican Party which he feels spurned him. His young staffers like Jared Thomas and Jim M. are angry. That is why Ralph needs to gracefully withdraw from this race. It is the best move he could make, not just for the Republicans but for himself.

  26. Booray says:

    Republican primaries are about nominating the best conservative candidate to whip hell out of the Democrats.

    Why anyone thinks that is Ralph Reed at this point is mind-boggling.

    This is not hard.

    Booray Bussey

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