1. Jack Bauer \'08 says:

    Respectfully, how can you place Ralph’s site in the same column as Casey’s site?

    I’ll agree that Ralph’s new site is much better than his previous site, but the old one was so 1996 that of course a new version would appear better.

    Casey’s site is far more dynamic. A clean home page and cool use of flash—it’s a pretty outside the box design.

    I suppose if you’re looking for a template site with the standard use of red, white and blue, then Ralph’s site is pretty adequate. I’m just surprised that a candidate with as much cash as Ralph couldn’t have come up with a more advanced site. He’s probably hording his cash for all his negative ads.

    C’mon. Though I know that websites don’t win elections, any casual (unbiased) observer can see that Casey’s site still has a pretty significant edge.

  2. jackson says:

    I just checked it out. Erick, I think your comments are way too generous.

    Ralph’s original site was just plain embarrassing. His new site is nice. It’s average. But Cagle’s site blows everybody’s out of the water.

    Websites don’t win elections but Cagle made a big splash early on with his site showing that he was going to be aggressive and innovative in my opinion. it set a tone.

    and ralph’s set a tone. not a good one but a tone that represents the kind of campaign he has run.

    So congrats to the Reed folks for finally putting up a relatively decent site almost a year after you got in the race. That’s an amazing accomplishment.

  3. Jack S says:

    From the looks of it, Ralph has bigger problems than his website. Like most of the Republican Senators asking him in the paper to get out of the race.

    Has anything like that ever happened before?

  4. GAWire says:


    To answer your question … in politics, I just assume everything has pretty much happened at some point. You make a good point though – I truly think that Ralph is getting more pressure from folks in GOP to get OUT of this race b/c of the horrible effect it will have in the long run, than there are people asking for him to stick it out.

    Normally, this is where I throw in some typical anti-Reed spin, but to be honest, I am just tired of that, so I am taking off my strategist hat for a while and would like everyone to read the following closely, and really consider what I am saying here:

    There is NOT ONE THING in Ralph Reed’s background or experience that makes him more qualified than Casey Cagle at this position – NOT ONE THING! If you try to argue that FACT, then you should where a sign around your neck that just let’s everyone know that you have no clue what you are talking about, so they don’t waste their time. Many bad or mediocre candidates run b/c there is no one better than can do the job (i.e. Bob Dole) – I am here to tell everyone: THAT IS NOT THE CASE IN GEORGIA RIGHT NOW!

    Ralph could drop out of this race completely for the good of the Party, KNOWING that there is an awesome candidate that really has a shot at winning this race in November, and ultimately leading this Party into the future. However, Ralph proceeds in his efforts, which are 100% based on his OWN AMBITIONS to rise to power – his intentions have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with doing what’s right and best for the GOP or Georgia voters.

    So, let’s forget about Ralph’s past – let’s forget about any associations he has with Abramoff, or anything he did against McCain, and his actions early on in CRs – forget it all, b/c I don’t really care anymore. The fact that Ralph Reed is running purely for his own benefit, with toal disregard to what is best for the Party and the people of Georgia, when there is a man who will do a great job, is COMPLETELY ENOUGH REASON TO VOTE AGAINST RALPH REED! I hope more GA Republican voters can see just how true that is, and take it to heart when they go into the voting booth in a few months!

  5. Jim M. says:

    This is another crushing blow to the Cagle campaign. Ralph Reed outclasses Cagle in every category, except size of campaign managers.

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