About two years ago, I replaced my old electric furnace with a new natural gas burning furnace and my timing could not have been worse. However, I don’t think re-regulating the natural gas industry in Georgia is the answer. A few Democrats do and have proposed legislation:

“The elderly and senior citizens cannot pay these bills. They’re on a fixed income,” state Rep. David Lucas, D-Macon, said.

Lucas is sponsoring a bill that would force the PSC to step in and re-regulate the industry beginning in July. In the state Senate, Regina Thomas, D-Savannah, is sponsoring a bill that would add more regulated gas providers in the hopes of increasing competition in the market and pushing prices down.

Republicans control both chambers of the state Legislature and have shown little interest in re-regulating the natural gas industry.


  1. macongop says:

    My feelings on this is that AGL is riping the customer off on the pass-thru charge. Unless the whole state is de-regulated, i.e. the co-ops and the regional gas companies, and true competion is put forward, then Re-regulation needs to happen. I have friends that lives a couple o miles away and they don’t have the high gas bills. I’m all for free markets if it is everybody, not just select areas.

  2. Booray says:

    It is my understanding the pass-through charge is the thing still completely regulated by the PSC. The gas cost itself is not regulated. Therefore, re-regulation would not solve that problem.

    Bottom line – gas is expensive for reasons beyond the control of the PSC or any elected official. Maybe it would be a few cents more or less expensive if re-regulated, but the difference would not be that big.

  3. GaMongrel says:

    Anybody have any stats on what our neighbor citizens in our bordering states (using a regulated gas industry) pay for gas compared to GA?

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