Kemp Fires Parts Ways With Staffer –UPDATED

At least that is what we’re getting from the tipline:

Heard Sen. Brian Kemp fired his campaign staffer that was heading up fund raising for his Agriculture Commissioner race.

Joel McElhannon just sent me the following, which solves the mystery of the fired staffer.

The Kemp campaign had retained Diana Kincaid and Carrie Grove to assist with fundraising efforts. They did a fantastic job helping to raise one of the highest totals in fundraising of any down ticket race in Georgia – Republican or Democrat.

We mutually decided to part ways a couple of weeks ago. They are top level political professionals whose services are in great demand. The Kemp campaign found that it was a priority to have someone in Athens full time and Diana and Carrie were not able to provide that given the growing and dynamic business they have. So we agreed to part ways.

I have the utmost respect for both Carrie and Diana and would gladly use them for any campaign I am involved in. We just found that logistically the relationship was not working as effectively as I preferred at this time.

My apologies to the Kemp campaign for not touching base with them first. I’m well under the weather and not at full capacity right now.


  1. larry smith says:

    I heard that Kemp had a Big Mac and an apple pie for lunch yesterday. That’s just a rumor, though.

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