1. nubie says:

    It passed the Senate a few minutes ago. I don’t quite know what to think on this one. On one hand, I don’t want developers going to my elected officials saying hey I want that piece of property. Get it for me. On the other hand, I don’t want to crack dens and dilapidated houses in my city either. So what’s the middle ground in this bill?

  2. dreaded_scarum says:

    Local Governments have the power to require dilapidated propertys to meet local codes and standards. In some instances those codes might have to be streamlined or tweaked in order to be efficient. The tools are already at hand if they would just use them. Dont let the people that have the desire to basically take property without going thru the expense of high bids, using the power of government to seize your property for developers confuse the issue. Blighted property is the loophole that the redevelopment authorities and developers are using to keep eminent domain for economic development to expand the tax base alive. DONT BE FOOLED by THEM.

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