1. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Since the comments have been really adding up on this one I thought I would post the latest from our next Secretary of State:

    “This afternoon, Senator Bill S tephens officially filed legislation to implement a voter verifiable paper audit trail on Georgia’s electronic voting machines. Senate Bill 500, the “2006 Georgia Accountability in Elections Act” – first proposed by Sen. Stephens in September of last year – will eventually make Georgia one of the first states in the nation with a uniform statewide system of automated touch-screen voting machines capable of producing a paper record of every vote cast.

    “For months, I’ve been traveling the state, promising to make our elections the most secure in the nation,” Sen. Stephens said at the State Capitol today. “I’m proud to have passed common sense Voter I.D. legislation last week; the Georgia Accuracy in Elections Act is the next step in ensuring that every Georgian’s vote is counted accurately, every time.”

    Before a full statewide implementation is achieved, SB 500 first provides for a three county pilot program to test the technology’s effectiveness. One precinct in each of the pilot counties of Bibb, Camden, and Cobb will be outfitted with paper audit trail printers for testing during the 2006 General Election.

    Sen. Stephens expressed satisfaction with the legislation filed today. “Input from county elections officials from around the state has been invaluable in crafting this quality bill. I look forward to working with my fellow legislators in both the House and Senate to pass SB 500 this session.”

    Sen. Stephens first proposed using voter verifiable paper audit trails on voting machines in 2003 when he and (then State Senator) Congressman Tom Price co-authored legislation that would have mandated a permanent paper record of each vote cast on one of Georgia’s electronic voting machines. In September, 2005, the bi-partisan Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform issued a report calling for the implementation of paper audit trails on voting machines as a way to restore integrity to the current election system in every state.”

    Remember: Invaluable legislative experience, Honesty, Integrity and Good Ideas add up to make a quality candidate for Secretary of State!

    Stephens ’06

  2. mikeK says:

    I think that most interesting aspect of this story was a quote contained in the AP article


    “Cox, a Democrat, supports the Stephens plan and her office has worked with him crafting the legislation, said Cox spokesman Chris Riggall.”

    1.) Why would Cathy’s office help a republican candidate for state wide office craft a bill that will obviously become a television ad this election season?

    2.) Why didn’t Stephens in his announcement mention that he had Cox’s support? Wouldn’t a bi-partisan show of support help this bill sail straight through?

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