RIP Coretta Scott King.


Coretta Scott King, the beloved and outspoken wife of civil rights pioneer Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., passed away at her home in Atlanta about 1 a.m. Tuesday. She was 78.

Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young broke the news during a phone call he made to NBC’s “Today” show on 11Alive. Asked how he found out about her death, Young said: “I understand she was asleep last night and her daughter tried to wake her up.”

UPDATE: I suppose it’s impossible to keep politics out of the discussion of Mrs. King and the King legacy, but Denny Schaffer of WGST is trying.  There was the obligatory redneck wondering what all the fuss was about, but Joe Beasley of the Rainbow/Push Coalition complained about the voter ID bill and the always conciliatory Julian Bond couldn’t resist taking a shot at Governor Perdue about lowering the Capital flag for Mrs. King and not Maynard Jackson – noting that it is an election year.