Interview with Reps. Talton and Everson.

The Macon Telegraph has an interview with State Representatives Willie Talton (R-Warner Robins) and Melvin Everson (R-Snellville) today:

QUESTION: African-American members of the Legislature have traditionally been members of the Legislative Black Caucus. What are your thoughts about that group, and to what extent do you have common interests with them?

TALTON: Melvin and I talked about the Black Caucus, and the way I refer to myself is, I’m a representative who happens to be black. I don’t have any beef against them at all. The only thing I’m saying is that we’re here to represent all the people. Naturally, there are interests that are going on in the black community that he and I can understand. But as far as to identify ourselves with any particular group, I don’t see the point.

EVERSON: My sentiments exactly. I don’t have a major beef with them. Their views are much different than mine as far as how to get things accomplished. Somebody made a comment to me, well if you were a member of that organization, you may be able to sway their minds on some issues. I said, well, I thought I can sway their minds and opinions on some issues by not belonging to it. I’m black, I’m black, point blank. I don’t have to validate that by belonging to a black organization.