Word from Capitol Hill

The word I’m getting from Capitol Hill is that we should not expect many, if any, other major revelations to come out of the Abramoff scandal about Ralph Reed.

“That’s pretty much done,


  1. jackson says:

    Cmon. Same ol stuff we keep getting on this site. The vague but always so important “DC insider” who runs on about how it’s going to be huge or it’s all over.

    I’m for banning anyone who claims to be from DC posting on this site.

    Abramoff is the biggest story of the upcoming election cycle. There’s no stopping that. The Dems sent out an email today using Ralph and the scandal as fundraising material. They reference the “Ralph Reed Amendment” to stop illegal lobbying.

    This is not going away.

  2. Erick says:

    Actually Jackson, the individual I was talking to is involved. He says that they are more focused now on going after past and present congressional staffers than they are focused on going after other lobbyists.

  3. larry smith says:


    Since you won’t revel your source, I can’t really comment on the veracity of what you’re saying. However, I would advise you — and your source presuming he/she really exists — to take a hard look at the federal rules on disclosing grand jury material.

  4. GAWire says:

    You show me a DC i nsider who says this issue is done, and I will show you two insiders who say it is just starting to roll.

    For my unconstructive, “Reed = Bad / Cagle=Desperate

  5. buzzbrockway says:

    Actually what Erick reports makes perfect sense. Why do prosecutors cut deals with people? One reason is the prosecutor wants to get a “big fish.” In this scenerio, Reed is hardly the “big fish,” members of Congress are. That’s not to say others might not get into trouble, but the objective is to go after public officials who may have done wrong.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve seen plenty of episodes of “Law and Order” therefore my judgment is flawless. 😉

  6. landman says:

    Erick,You are stargazing again and doing alot of wishful

    Buzz,what makes perfect sense is that unlike you and Erick the average Republican Primary voter will not need to see an indictment to make a call on RR’s character and whether he is worthy of being our Lt. Governor. You guys can dance around the issue all you like,the bottom line is RR is spoiled goods and will hurt the Party in this cycle if he makes it out of the primary.

  7. larry smith says:


    I’m not saying that Reed will or won’t be indicted. However, I’m really, really tired of people thinking they have an “inside source” any time they talk to someone from the 202 area code. It’s just kind of silly.

  8. buzzbrockway says:

    …the average Republican Primary voter will not need to see an indictment to make a call on RR’s character and whether he is worthy of being our Lt. Governor.

    You’ll get no argument from me on that point.

  9. Jim M. says:

    Erick’s source shows what most of us have known all along, that they cannot prove criminal wrongdoing by Ralph. Reasonable doubt is as good as innocent in the United States of America. Joel “Big Mac” McElannon needs to read the Constitution before he produces any sleazy “guilt by association” ads against Reed.

    Casey Cagle is a Liberal Republican who is being used by the Anti-Christian Left. Note that I did not say that Cagle is Anti-Christian himself, only their tool.

  10. GAWire says:

    While Reed is not a Big Fish in terms of being elected already; he is certainly a Big Fish in the eyes of Dems, b/c he has been known as a GOP mover and shaker for a while – now that people are realizing that a lot of that moving and shaking was done in bed with Jack Abramoff, Dems’ are salivating over Reed just as much as they are any GOP elected official with connections to Abramoff. Translation = BAD THING FOR REPUBLICANS IN THE LONG TERM! Why can you not see that Ralph is not right for serving as Lt. Gov or any elected office in Georgia or elsewhere? Let him stick to what he is good at … running campaigns, implementing grassroots, defeating Dems, and maybe he can do it while adhering to some sort of ethics from now on. If you ask me, his business is done. Still, it isn’t good for us as Republicans and THIS WILL COME BACK TO BITE US IF HE IS ELECTED.

    Whatever loyalties that you think you have to Ralph, trust me when I say that as soon as Ralph adopted his questionable practices and then decided to run front and center for office in Georgia – those obligations that you have to him from when you worked with him as GAGOP Chair are all gone. Done. Move on. Do what’s right for the Party for once!

  11. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Casey is Liberal?

    All of Caseys supporters are Anti-Christian Leftists?

    Mr Malone I am afraid to even touch this one.

  12. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Folks I just found this article on “American Prospect Online” and it is just becoming to familiar to quickly. I have to let yall in.


    “Just about every one of his publicly known clients who faced an even remotely competitive opponent went down to defeat, and most of these defeats followed a strikingly similar pattern. His candidates started out strong, with heavy pitches on social and moral issues (a tactic Reed heavily promoted), stumbled in the stretch, and finally resorted to viciously negative (and often race-baiting) tactics before losing big.”

    I actually found this by googleing Mitch Skandalakis name for spelling. After reading this article, and scanning across this statement, I almost had a hernia. Have fun.

  13. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I’m sure many in DC would love to see this thing go away. Frankly, I would love to see it go away. However, it has to be dealt with and our Party should be the ones to deal with it.

    From the material I’ve read from a myriad of sources, this is a cancer that needs to be extracted, not a bandaid. Unfortunately, there are too many sell outs.

    In my opinion, our Party should expect its leaders to be forthright and maintain high standards of integrity. While I appreciate Ralph’s organizational work, I do not appreciate his seemingly insensitivity to Integrity.

  14. GetReal says:

    A compelling argument from Jim M. for electing Ralph Reed to public office:

    “they cannot prove criminal wrongdoing by Ralph. Reasonable doubt is as good as innocent in the United States of America.”

    You’ve converted me. Where do I sign up to help the Reed campaign?

  15. Bull Moose says:

    I completely disagree with you Erick and with your “insider”.

    This is the most widespread political scandal to rock our “young” democracy. I think it’s borderline criminal to even condone some of the things that happened as a result of Jack Abramoff, Mike Scanlon, and Ralph Reed. Of those three, two have plead guilty. It isn’t a forgone conclusion that the third will be tagged next.

    Not only do I disagree with Ralph Reed’s actions, more so now, I disagree with the level of Christian hypocrisy he has displayed. He is not worthy of support and those public officials that would lend their name to him are showing their less than genuine motives for public service.

    The end of Ralph Reed would be a symbolic end of the politics of personal destruction and hypocrisy.

  16. 4ofspades says:

    Have to agree with Erick on this one.

    Ralph is the small fish in the pond. That doesn’t mean I think Ralph wasn’t involved and shouldn’t be held accountable. It has impacted Ralph, just look at his last disclosure. It will be interesting to see how he does this period while Casey is in session.

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