Ralph’s Steering Committee

I just got an email from Reed’s campaign informing me that the following people have been added to his steering committee:

Bobby Baker, Public Service Commissioner
Brandon Beach, former Alpharetta City Councilman
Dot Burns, former Republican National Committeewoman, Hall county
Dr. Robert Cowles, Cowles Clinic, Lake Oconee
Rodney Cook, Jr., president, National Monuments Foundation, Fulton county
Laura Cross, President, Oglethorpe Bank, Brunswick
David W. Davis, Member, Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce
Bill Dewrell, former Mayor, Woodstock, Cherokee County
Ben Hinson, president Mid-Georgia Ambulance; Co-Chairman, Bush-Cheney ’04; member, statewide steering committee, Saxby Chambliss for US Senate
Dan Lee, former state Senator, former Governor Perdue floor leader, Lagrange
Ross Mason, Founder and Managing Partner, Henri Ventures, Morgan County
Dwayne Orrick, Chief of Police, Cordele, Crisp county
Johnny Scearce, Chief of Police, Blue Ridge, Fannin County
Clyde R. Smith, Sheriff, Bryan County
Carl Smith, Fire Chief, Thunderbolt; Immediate past president, Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs
Jeb Stewart, president, SciHealth, Gwinnett County
Al St. Lawrence, Sheriff, Chatham county
Ashley Taylor, State Co-Chair, Women for Reed, Gwinnett County
Donny Turner, Sheriff, Troup County

UPDATED: Several people have pointed out that none of these people are new. If so, the same goes for Ralph as went for Cagle — this is just a lame effort to get media attention and nothing more.

Come on guys, let’s do something real to get attention.

By the way, given that some of these guys have been supporters for a while (Ben Hinson being one), an email correspondent ponders whether this is Ralph’s way of getting these people to stay tight.


  1. Jack S says:

    Most of these folks were already publicly on board with Ralph. Kinda weak attempt to try to cover up those key folks scattering from Ralph.

  2. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I noticed a lot of formers.

    Also there are a few on that list who help Casey simply by being on Ralphs supporters list. ie..the Former Mayor of Woodstock who was beat this year Bill Dewrell.

  3. Jim M. says:

    Poor Casey Cagle has been dealt another crushing blow. They must be gasping for air at Cagle headquarters. Some counted Reed out when Abramoff pled guilty but this latest round of endorsements proves he is innocent. These are big names. Dot Burns was Republican National Committeewoman for the whole state which means that women will go for Reed. Brandon Beach is a former member of the Alpharetta City Council which means that Reed will carry North Futlon. Dan Lee is a former State Senator. But the biggest news is that Saxby Chambliss has joined Reed’s steering committee.

  4. jackson says:

    uhhhhh, jim, Burns was with Ralph from the very beginning of his race. She was campaigning hard for him at the convention. Beach and Lee gave ralph money very early. there’s no news here.

    and the saxby thing is a damn lie.

  5. Tammi Metzler says:

    Settle down, folks. I think youre reading the Saxby thing incorrectly. The way the text wraps in this format, it looks like Saxby’s on the list; but it’s really Ben Hinson, member, statewide steering committee, Saxby Chambliss for US Senate. Jeez ya’ll look for anything to bash Ralph about! These additions to his list are quite impressive. And, Brian, I only count four “formers.” And keep in mind that “formers” can often carry a lot more weight than “currents.”

  6. landman says:

    Erick,many of these are old news,if my memory serves me correctly you opined that CC was being “Disengenious”when he released some names that had came over to the winning side,that you purported had been with him for a while. Not that it matters but why if you are nuetral as you claim would you not point this out in this post as you did with Casey?

  7. larry smith says:

    “Dot Burns was Republican National Committeewoman for the whole state which means that women will go for Reed.”

    Hands down, one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in print in a while.

  8. Brian from Ellijay says:

    LOL, yeah Jim, I guess that means Bush and Cheney both endorsed Ralph too. 😉 Whos this County person, arnt they on their twice: I see a Morgan County and then just a County? what about Leader? I am not sure.

    And because a former councilman in Alpharetta is on board that means that all of North Fulton will go with Reed? Wow. I have to ask, did you finish high school? Middle school?

    Do you even know who all of your councilmen are? I couldnt name all of mine and I am somewhat involved in my county.

  9. North Fulton GOP says:

    Casey Cagle will carry North Fulton by a margin of 70% or more, second only to Karen Handel of the statewide candidtes.

    Respectfully, Brandon Beach “former Alpharetta City Councilman” is a nice guy but hardly a powerhouse in North Fulton. When he resigned from the Alpharetta City Council, he tried to run his wife to succeed him and she was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters. I felt sorry for Brandon and his family. He really is a nice guy but not someone with much savvy or influence. David Davis “Member of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce” is actually the Washington lobbyist for ChoicePoint. He has no influence in North Fulton.

    In contrast to these two endorsements, Casey has overwhelming support in North Fulton, including the currently elected leaders of Alpharetta and Roswell, the leaders of the two new city movements, Commissioner Lynne Riley, and the Legislative Delegation. All three North Fulton senators, Dan Moody, David Shafer, and Judson, have endorsed him. I like Brandon a lot, but his endorsement of Reed does not mean much of anything compared to Casey’s support.

    Brandon resigned but most of the new “former elected officials” supporting Reed members were defeated by their constituents. Ex-Senator Dan Lee is a registered lobbyist.

  10. Bull Moose says:

    I’m not going to attack those people who support Ralph, that would be very hypocritical of me.

    Dot Burns has always been with Reed. Dot has done a lot to help build our Republican Party and she deserves a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude, but I respectfully disagree with her on the candidate that she has chosen to support. That doesn’t mean that I disagree with Dot Burns, but rather, in this circumstance, I disagree with the candidate she has chosen to support.

    What is a shame is that Ralph Reed has mislead many of these people with his half truths about his involvement with Jack Abramoff and that based on “trust” they gave him their support. Unfortunately, he may make them look like fools and they in turn will lose tremendous credibility for believing, trusting, and supporting him.

    In the end of the day, these types of “endorsements” are meaningless at this point in the game.

    The real battle of ideas wages on and Casey Cagle is emerging as the candidate of those who want to continue to move Georgia forward with lower taxes, more jobs, better schools, and less crime.

  11. Maurice Atkinson says:

    More old news…. sorry but I couldn’t resist after reading Ralph’s release “REED RELEASES NEW LIST OF ***old***COMMITTEE MEMBERS”

    Feel free to delete if this is a problem, but i just had to….
    Gainesville, GA — State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Casey Cagle announced today that over 200 elected officials have now endorsed his campaign. The list includes 23 state senators, 41 state representatives, 21 sheriffs, 42 county commissioners and 80 other local officials from the north Georgia mountains to the Florida line (207 total).

    By contrast, Cagle’s primary election opponent, lobbyist Ralph Reed, has announced the endorsements of only a handful of Georgia elected officials.

    “I want to thank all of these great leaders for personally supporting our efforts at a critical early point in this campaign. From funding education to cracking down on repeat DUI offenders, I have worked hard to solve real problems facing Georgians through over a decade of service in the Senate. Our local elected officials understand the importance of this work, and having their support means a great deal to me,” said Cagle.

    “Trust, integrity, and honesty are the most important qualities any candidate brings to the job. The officials endorsing our campaign understand this, and their support speaks volumes about the direction we are headed,” Cagle continued.

    Following are the elected officials currently backing Cagle:

    Senator John Bulloch

    Senator Joseph Carter

    Senator Ronnie Chance

    Senator Jeff Chapman

    Senator John Douglas

    Senator Greg Goggans

    Senator Johnny Grant

    Senator Bill Hamrick

    Senator Seth Harp

    Senator Bill Heath

    Senator Judson Hill

    Senator Brian Kemp

    Senator Dan Moody

    Senator Jeff Mullis

    Senator Chip Pearson

    Senator Chip Rogers

    Senator Nancy Schaefer

    Senator Don Thomas

    Senator Ross Tolleson

    Senator Dan Weber

    Senator Jim Whitehead

    Senator John Wiles

    Senator David Shafer

    Representative Jay Neal

    Representative Ron Forster

    Representative John Meadows

    Representative Tom Dickson

    Representative David Ralston

    Representative Amos Amerson

    Representative Ben Bridges

    Representative Howard Maxwell

    Representative Mark Butler

    Representative Charlice Byrd

    Representative Calvin Hill

    Representative Chuck Scheid

    Representative Jack Murphy

    Representative Tom Knox

    Representative James Mills

    Representative Carl Rogers

    Representative Stacey Reece

    Representative Tommy Benton

    Representative Tom McCall

    Representative Ed Setzler

    Representative Earl Erhart

    Representative Edward Lindsey

    Representative Timothy Bearden

    Representative Fran Millar

    Representative Jill Chambers

    Representative Paul Jennings

    Representative Clay Cox

    Representative John Wilson Heard

    Representative Terry England

    Representative Steve Davis

    Representative Jim Cole

    Representative Mack Crawford

    Representative Vance Smith

    Representative Willie Talton

    Representative Austin Scott

    Representative Bob Lane

    Representative Terry Barnard

    Representative Chuck Sims

    Representative Penny Houston

    Representative Hinson Mosley

    Representative Cecily Hill

    Commissioner Clarence Brown

    Commissioner Jimmy K. Godbee

    Commissioner Robert Barr

    Commissioner Ronald Gracy

    Commissioner Ken Marks

    Commissioner Bobby Winters

    Commissioner Bill Clark

    Commissioner Dave Gellatly

    Commissioner Derek Good

    Commissioner Earl Brice

    Commissioner Tom Mercer

    Commissioner Ron C. Cross

    Commissioner Mike Berg

    Commissioner Buddy Gordon

    Commissioner Claude Abercrombie

    Commissioner Tom Worthan

    Commissioner Jack Conway

    Commissioner Brian Tam

    Commissioner Ken Bailey

    Commissioner Mark Chastain

    Commissioner Ron Davis

    Commissioner Jim Butterworth

    Commissioner Steve Gailey

    Commissioner Deborah Lynn

    Commissioner Billy Powell

    Commissioner Tom Oliver

    Commissioner Eric Robinson

    Commissioner Allan Poole

    Commissioner Lee Holman

    Commissioner Warren Holder

    Commissioner Ned Sanders

    Commissioner Jody Thompson

    Commissioner Tom Crow

    Commissioner Dr. John Raber

    Commissioner Steve Gooch

    Commissioner Harold Carlisle

    Commissioner Jim Luke

    Commissioner David Jarvis

    Commissioner Ed Goss

    Commissioner Bebe Heiskell

    Commissioner David Bergin

    Commissioner Jack Bass

    Sheriff Terry Langley

    Sheriff Neil Warren

    Sheriff Billy Carlisle

    Sheriff Phil Miller

    Sheriff Ted Paxton

    Sheriff Steve Cronic

    Sheriff Butch Conway

    Sheriff Roger Garrison

    Sheriff Joe Chapman

    Sheriff Scott Berry

    Sheriff Bruce Harris

    Sheriff Deray Fincher

    Sheriff Benny DeLoach

    Sheriff Stacy Nicholson

    Sheriff Clark Millsap

    Sheriff Joe Robinson

    Sheriff Ashley Paulk

    Sheriff Jeff Wiggington

    Sheriff William Jerry Davis

    Sheriff Joe Buice

    Sheriff Mike Jolley

    Mayor Arthur Letchas

    Mayor Pat Graham

    Mayor Cecil Pruett

    Mayor Harris Little

    Mayor Wayne Garner

    Mayor Michael Fields

    Mayor John Brady

    Mayor Don Higgins

    Mayor Ford Gravitt

    Mayor Boyd Austin

    Mayor Joe Lane Cox

    Mayor Mickey Thompson

    Mayor Pro Tem Doug Mundrick

    Mayor Steven L. Brannon

    Mayor Bryan Puckette

    Mayor Pro Tem Larry Pritchett

    Mayor George Wangeman

    Mayor Pro Tem Mark Musselwhite

    Mayor Jim Hinkle

    Mayor Pro Tem Alison Wilkerson

    Mayor Matt Beasley

    Mayor Jack Bolton

    Mayor Milton Turner

    Mayor Susan Holmes

    Mayor Lamar Scroggs

    Mayor Monk Tolbert

    Mayor James Worrall

    Mayor Joe Barger

    Mayor Pro Tem Mike Smith

    Mayor Gary Pirkle

    Mayor Nick Masino

    Mayor Pro Tem Jace Brooks

    Mayor Larry Wood

    Mayor John Fretti

    Mayor Monk Tolbert

    Mayor Jim Joiner

    Mayor Jeff Lukken

    Councilmember Jan Smith

    Councilmember Bruce Garraway

    Councilmember Bill Jones

    Councilmember Seth Weaver

    Councilmember Brad Weaver

    Councilmember Doc Cutherbertson

    Councilmember Robert Hamrick

    Councilmember Jeremy Smith

    Councilmember Tom Adam

    Councilmember Montie Robinson, Sr.

    Councilmember Sam Evans

    Councilmember Martha Collins

    Councilmember Ronald Dwight McFarland

    Councilmember Tom Gore

    School Board Member Lynn Stevens

    School Board Member Gary Lister

    School Board Member Bill Francisco

    School Board Member Ronnie Spivey

    School Board Member Doris Cook

    School Board Member Jimmy Bartlett

    School Board Member Ed Murray

    School Board Member Lee Highsmith

    School Board Member David Syfan

    School Board Member Frank Harben

    School Board Member Janice Gallimore

    School Board Member Lori Thompson

    School Board Member Craig Herrington

    School Board Member Nath Morris

    School Board Member Richard Higgins

    School Board Member Lamar Purvis

    School Board Member Luis Romo

    Tax Commissioner Katherine Sherrington

    Tax Commissioner Danny Powers

    Tax Commissioner Keith Echols

    Court Clerk Brian Brannon

    Court Clerk Patty Baker

    Court Clerk Dwight Wood

    Court Clerk Doug Sorrells

    Court Clerk Stacy Koon Haralson

    Court Clerk Jody Moss

    Coroner Lauren McDonald

    Coroner Danny Hutcheson

    Coroner Marion Merck

  12. GAWire says:

    Seriously, who cares about anything in this post except for Jim’s attempts to explain that Saxby is behind Ralph. Seriously, that is the funniest thing I have heard all day. Thanks bringing some lite to a crappy day! I liked Brian’s joke that that must mean Bush and Cheney are behind Ralph too! I seriously wish everyone could see how hard Jim’s attempts make me laugh – that was one of those laughs where I am literally spilling coffee all over myself, and people are coming into my office to get in on the humor – then, I show everyone what it was and everyone shares the humor with me. Thanks for lifting spirits around the office! That just sums up so much!!!! Oh my goodness, that is just too funny … I gotta send this on to people …

  13. GAWire says:

    Larry already pointed out how rediculous the women for Ralph comment was, but I just have to say that that was pretty funny too. Next time I am speaking to a junior high civics class, I am definitely using this to bring some humor. Man, I am still laughing about that …

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