Perdue Slows Eminent Domain

This could be spun badly by the Democrats unless Sonny hurries.

Gov. Sonny Perdue has tapped the brakes on eminent domain legislation. One of 10 recently introduced bills dealing with eminent domain was supposed to come to the Senate floor for a vote last week, but it never made it.

Perdue wants to slow things down so he can put his own stamp on the legislation. His policy advisers are examining the bills that have been submitted and may write additional legislation.

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  1. dreaded_scarum says:

    Gov Sonny Perdue knows that there has been good , strong , effective Legislation introduced in the senate by Senator Chapman in the form of SB 86 . Its my understanding that he also has put the breaks on Chapmans bill calling for a 120 day moritorium , designed to give private property protection while it all gets hashed out. Instead of getting behind his fellow repbublicans and supporting them in their efforts, supporting the good choices that the voters have made , He tries like a thief in the night,to saddle up someone elses pony and ride it to his own glory. Or is he attempting to introduce legislation of his own that is weak and full of loopholes to give redevelopment authorities eminent domain. The man is not a good leader but a follower and shame on the republicans if they do not run someone against him.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    I think the Governor is doing the right thing on this front and will follow wise counsel.

    We cannot “rush” legislation of such serious consequence. It must be discussed and debated with input from all sides and I applaud the Governor’s actions on this eminent domain issue.

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