New Front Page Poster

Brian from Elijay is up to bat on the front page. If he writes about Reed v. Cagle on the front page, he will be hunted down by Clayton and shot — unless I get to him first and make it more painful.


  1. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Great now we get to hear about Robert Lamutt running for anything under the sun with all his money he can pour into any race he chooses!

    Stephens ’06.

  2. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Thank you 4,

    We could form an effective duo when this is finally over in July. Just think, with his history of success all we need to do is consult for whomever Robert Lamutt (not La-Mutt) is running against and we’d be the most successful tandem in the state! It would be nice if such an informed, seasoned and grizzeled candidate as Lamutt continued to hire campaign managers that like to embezzle…

    I mean that jokingly. I like Robert Lamutt and wish him the best. I do wish we didn’t hear about his every breath from the new front-page contributor.

    Also, you and your band of Handel supporters have us outnumbered. We could agree on a lot more if ya’ll would look at record, not rhetoric.

    Off to the Dome,

    Stephens ’06.

  3. 4ofspades says:

    I look forward to working with you from July – Nov. to get Handel elected as the first Republican SoS in 130 years šŸ™‚

  4. nubie says:

    I’m relatively new to all this. And the first candidate that I heard about was Karen Handel. I heard nothing but great things about her being and up and coming candidate for SoS. Some of those things are that she is favored by Governor Perdue and is on the fast-track to be the first woman governor. She’s a good Christian who will do her job well with integrity. Sounded good to me at first. But I started looking into Stephens and Handel. Though there are things I don’t like about either other them. I must say that I will be supporting Stephens. Stephens has a track record of service and loyalty to his constiuents. Some may disagree on account that he switched parties. But he did just that switch parties, not service to those that elected him. He did not take an opportunity to go serve somewhere else doing different duties. He made a political decision that I don’t totally agree with, but he stayed with his folks. He didn’t leave them. And he must have done a good job because he was elected again in ’04. Handel has no such track record of loyalty and service to the people that elect her. She jumps at every political opportunity to advance herself and not to advance the people that she was elected to serve. I’m not saying that she isn’t a good person, or that she isn’t capable. But I want someone who at least attempts to look like they’re making decisions for me and not just their own gain. And I can’t see that with Karen Handel.

    Stephens ’06

  5. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Its humorous that other than Jack and myself, everyone else has made this dicussion a debate on SOS.

    I do not disagree with any of the announced candidates. I am just keeping an open mind. As far as that goes, I Casey is the only candidate that I have openly endorsed and supported at events. Although I am leaning heavily to Brian Kemp and Todd Tibbetts. I guess Perry Mcquire is a given now.

  6. 4ofspades says:

    Nubie – consider this. Now that Sandy Springs is a city and the remainder of North Fulton will be incorporated – the job and responsibilites of the Fulton Commision and Fulton Commision Chairman will change. Why shouldn’t she pursue another office that is a perfect fit for her background.

    Brian – sorry this difted off topic.

  7. nubie says:

    Brian – sorry this has drifted off topic as well. BUT to answer Spades….

    If I’m correct, people in the incorporated parts of Fulton 1. vote for the commissioners and taxes to the county, thus the county has a responsibility (although limited) to those constiuents. And if she’s as good at restructuring organizations and running a business as she says, they’ll (Fulton County residents)need a strong leader to transition them into a new era. Don’t just jump ship because a political opportunity comes along after she made people believe she really wanted to serve them. Afterall, that’s what she was elected to do. Maybe I’m wrong, but I still say Stephens has the record that she just doesn’t have. I will continue to look at them both. But right now, Stephens is the right choice.

    Can somebody point me to the right top heading to talk about SoS?

    Again, I’m sorry Brian. Didn’t know where to respond to spades thoughts.

  8. 4ofspades says:

    Nubie – she is leading Fulton through the changes. The Sandy Spring transition has had a huge impact on the county. There are numerous articles in the AJC and other places about Handel having to create her own budget proposal because the county manager and remainder of the commission have ignored the fact that the county is changing. She is serving out her entire term, she’s not leaving mid-term. She can take those skills and utilize them for all of the citizens in GA, not just Fulton.

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