Georgia GOP Takes Wasting Taxpayer Money Very Seriously

Are they serious? They talk about fiscal conservatism, not wasting taxpayer money, but they continue to talk about passing laws such as this – a bill to allow counties and municipalities to post the Ten Commandments – currently House Bill 941. There will be lawsuits about this legislation the moment Governor Perdue signs it.

We just heard that defending the Voter ID law is going to cost the state over $2 million. The state has been spending tons of money defending the anti-gay marriage legislation. If passed, how much is it going to cost to defend this law? These questions should be answered before legislators vote on this bill. Wouldn’t this money be better spend on education, or improving transportation in this state? Or how about, I don’t know, tax relief? No, the GOP is going to flush money down the toilet defending a law that we know is unconstitutional.

Counties and municipalities already have the ability to post the Ten Commandments. However, it is their resonsibility to defend these actions when lawsuits are inevitably filed. However, under this legislation, the state would be the ones defending the posting of the Commandments. Listen, if some county wants to post the Commandments, let them defend it. Don’t ask me, and other taxpayers across the state, to defend it.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    How much money did Atlanta spend trying to make Druid Hills Country Club extend benefits to same sex couples? How much money did the State spend to defend Roy Barnes’ gerrymandered districts?

    Nevertheless, I agree with you about this bill. Let a local body defend it’s own action.

    I hate how everytime a law gets passed that someone doesn’t like they rush to the Courts to fight rather than to the ballot box.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Buzz, we live in a country and a state where the laws passed by elected leaders are superceded by the Rule of Law. All I can say is Thank God for that because otherwise we would be ruled by the majority rule theory, which is people like YOU believe we should be ruled by.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Buzz, you make a statement complaining how everyone runs to the Court to rectify a problem rather than waiitng for the opportunity to attempt to rectify it at the ballot box…as if implying that everything should be changed via the legislative branch or the executive branches of government, as opposed to the judicial branch.

    Tell me, what was the purpose of your statement then if I have it the implication wrong?

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    Perhaps I should have made myself more clear. I apologize for that.

    Too often people resort to lawsuits simply because they cannot win at the ballot box. The Left and the Right both do it. I certainly do not agree that majority rules, I understand and support our republican form of government with it’s checks and balances. 🙂

    This was not the best post to make that particular point.

  5. memberg says:

    So, Buzz Brockway (by the way – no offense, but your name sounds like a male GFP adult film star), do you realize that your “clarification” of your original comment is merely a restatement of your first. I’m kind of surprised that Bill was mollified by it.

    I love that people can go to the courts when they don’t like a law. Every law that’s passed must pass muster with the Constitution. End of story.

  6. Harry says:

    I thought Buzz’s example about the Druid Hills Club was totally appropriate; ie, taxpayer money shouldn’t be spent litigating social soapboxes. Have such litigating be done with private money if at all.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Unlkess, Harry, public money is used to push a certain religion on the people of a state or the country, then it should be okay to use public courts to fight the unconstitutional use of taxpayer dollars in the promotion of a religion.

    And, upon reading the proposed bill, it is exactly that. They even go so far as to quote the King James Version of the Bible as the source of the Ten Commandments. At that point, this no longer becomes a “Judaeo-Christian” effort, but a 100% Christian effort to push religion down people’s throats. That ain’t gonna stand.

  8. Booray says:

    Buzz and Bill,

    You’re both wrong. Majority DOES rule, except in cases where a minority’s “inalienable rights” (given to them when they were “created equal”) are transgressed against.

    It is perfectly OK to go to the court to defend one’s legitimate, God-given rights. However, now that we live under the 4th decade of liberal judges who seem to be able to “find” in the Constitution the right to anything that a conservative legislature wishes to constrain, I am skeptical of decaturguy’s argument.

    It is no waste of money to fight the excesses of the judiciary, and the truly irresponsible are those who threaten lawsuits to try to stop legitimate actions pursued by the majority.

    I know buzz is closer to this than bill, who is a lost cause of confused post-modernist judicial thinking. However, buzz gave up too quickly. He should have stuck it out.

    Booray Bussey

  9. Bill Simon says:

    All Hail to Booray, the man (?) who wants the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch of government to be more equal than the Judicial Branch.

    Why, with Booray’s pepes in charge, we would have never banished slavery or “separate but equal” for blacks. Yes, yes, those dastardly “liberal judges” have upset the apple cart of the Mighty WASPs that make-up the majority of this country.

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