A rumor that’s no longer a rumor.

On January 6 I posted this:

Rumor #1: 13th District Congressman David Scott may have an opponent that’s not a nutcase.

This is no longer a rumor as Dr. Deborah Honeycutt now has a website touting her run for Congress, as a Republican, against Congressman David Scott. Her husband, Dr. Andrew E. Honeycutt, is the Dean of the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business (an online University).  It would appear as if Dr. Honeycutt might be able to raise more money than a Republicans might otherwise be able to in this district, but she will have a tough hill to climb as the 13th district is certainly a Democratic district.

Hat tip to Georgia Politics Unfiltered for Dr. Honeycutt’s website.


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