Some more poll numbers

The latest Wall Street Journal/Zogby Poll shows Perdue leading Cathy Cox 50.6% – 38.9%.  Now, the lead is roughly the same, but Perdue’s numbers are lower in this poll.  By the way, this was a Jan 19 poll.  The numbers for Perdue vs. Taylor were 57.3 – 35.3%.  Looks like they are focusing on Cox as the frontrunner at this point (Doesn’t mean anything to us down here, though).

 One other point, the WSJ usually does their polling with Harris, but it seems they have brought on Zogby now.  Either way, Zogby’s numbers mean different things to different people.  Instead of debating the pollsters, I just wanted to give some more numbers besides Strategic Vision’s. 


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    Despite different polling questions, samples and methods, the results are pretty much the same. Perdue leads both Cox and Taylor, but Taylor more than Cox. I think we can safely say the Governor is in the lead and he just needs to keep doing what he’s been doing because it’s working.

  2. 4ofspades says:

    Let’s never forget the lead that GHB had over Bill Clinton in early polls. We can’t take this lead for granted, and need to work hard to get Sony re-elected.

  3. dreaded_scarum says:

    As far as I am concerned Perdue has blown it . His shameless grab to tag onto the eminent domain issue , with the attempt to water it down clinches it for me . He started out a liar and ends up a political prostitute . I have no desire to vote for a democrat in republican garb. I can only hope that the Republicans will run a real conservative against him and give me a choice, cox and taylor are not a choice.

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