1. GAWire says:

    A survey gathers variable data and analyzes/tabulates it. A poll typically gathers responses and analyzes that as data related to the sample details.

    Most political quantitative research are “polls”. Other forms of data analysis is usually referred to as “survey,” although some political benchmark projects can be more like typical surveys.

    Either way, if it is measuring particular candidates or favorables/unfavorables therein, it is a poll.

  2. Jim M. says:

    Ralph once again outsmarts the Cagle team and defeats Cagle in the polls. Ralph’s brilliant speech at the Faith and Family Rally has turned the tables on Cagle and exposed his “guilt by association” strategy. This must be very discouraging to “Big Mac” McElhannon and the other Reed Hating Rejects. I can see Joel sitting alone at McDonald’s drowning his sorrows in Big Macs and apple pie. It is a defeat for the McElhannon/Cagle/McCain politics of personal destruction.

  3. landman says:

    The quality of supporters RR has dropped to is very sad.Jim I know I will not be the first to have enlightened you on this but you are a dumb***.

  4. Jack S says:

    I hear that Ralph and the few remaining cronies he has left are at Burger King right now having a food fight. Ralph got hit with the leftovers of someone’s Whopper and is now in the rubber ball pit crying and refusing the come out and play anymore.

    Jim, I feel really sorry for you.

  5. Jim M. says:

    I have a feeling that Brian is one of Casey’s interns and that Jack and Landman are two of Joel “Big Mac” McElhannon’s well tipped pizza delivery men. Type away with your politics of personal destruction. It will be noon soon and all three of you will have to start fetching “Big Mac” his several lunches.

    “Big Mac” once worked for Ralph but his fawning and brown nosing were no substitute for the work ethic and high standards that Ralph demands from his employees. “Big Mac” has is Reed Hating Reject who could not even meet the Eric Johnson standard of performance.

  6. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Sorry Jim to disappoint ya. No affiliation to the campaign. And most people on here know exactly who I am and will vouch for that.

    It is humorous that you talk about politics of personal destruction at the same time your slinging the mud. Ralph has trained you well. Although, I do not think Ralph is even stupid enough to keep you on. Have a great lunch.

  7. Jack S says:

    Hey Bill Simon, do you think Jim M might be the reincarnation of Silence? Seems to have the same fascination with McElheney.

  8. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I noticed that Silence is actually back on the board as a poster. Have not seen anything from him though.

    But you do raise a good point. Jim are you Silence?

  9. larry smith says:

    Well, if we’re going to start with the personal insults about people’s staff … can I start cracking on that effeminate red-headed guy that’s running Ralph’s shop?

  10. Jim M. says:

    I am not a paid member of Ralph’s staff. The “red headed young man” was the main force in electing a Member of Congress. The Reed Rejects mock him because he has what it takes to meet the high performance standards of Ralph Reed. Ralph has elected Senators, Governors and Presidents. He elected Sonny Perdue. Cagle has elected no one and has been a trouble maker in the State Senate. “Big Mac” McElhannon is known far and wide as the the GOP’s ambulance chaser. “Big Mac” is always stirring the pot.

  11. Jim M. says:

    Cagle might have been a success in becoming a leader of the Senate if he were not associated with people like “Big Mac” McElhannon. “Big Mac” worked against Sonny by telling his clients to vote against the tax increase and vote against Bill Stephens for majority leader. Cagle would be better off if he showed some independence and got rid of “Big Mac.” Cagle is no match for Reed, but he will lose bigger because of people like “Big Mac” and the anonymous “Big Mac ” clones on this message board. The Cagle/McElhannon strategy of “guilt by association” and “politics of personal” destruction will backfire. It was tried before against Ralph and has always failed.

  12. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Jim who, other than you, is anonyomous in this discussion? Maybe Wire. But thats it.

    As far as Ralph “electing Sonny” Wow. What a mis-statement. That would be the mis-statement of the year. Saying Ralph elected Saxby, that would be acceptable. But Sonny. YOur out of your f#%@ing mind. I worked on that campaign and know exactly how much money came from the GOP and where it went. None of it went to Sonny. Ralph was quoted in saying Sonny doesnt have a chance, we arnt wasting our time and money on the Gubernatorial race.

    As far as Joel. Are you secretly in love with him or something? Are you gay? You seem to have that type of infactuation with him.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Nahhh…I don’t think Jim is related to Silence. Silence is too busy fetching coffee for Cecil Staton in this year’s session. Jim is obviously a hard-core consumer of Ralph’s Kool-Aide.

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