Freeman Is In

James Freeman, a local attorney and Republican in Macon, GA, has announced he will run for the Ward 5 seat on Macon’s City Council that is being vacated by Stebin Horne. Stebin is in a 4 way GOP primary to fill the seat of David Graves.

Interestingly, on that last bit, there is a rumor that has just started circulating that Graves may actually decide to run again. The theory is that there are already four people in the race and Graves is a known quantity in that seat. No word from Graves himself.

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  1. HeartofGa says:

    I’ve heard the rumor that Graves is running and tend to beleive it because I have also begun to hear some powerful local republcians speak as apologists for Graves ;”If I had to choose today, I would vote for Graves because he has important seniority and experience and after all, he’s made his mistakes and learned from them- the others still have their’s to make.” And, most interesting an unexpected democratic ally told me that he was meeting with Graves to encourage him to run. I personally think that he should not run. The campaign will be brutal for him and unfortunately for his family. Plus, I think that the repeated mistakes look like a pattern. As a democrat, there is a part of me that wants him in the race, and I might be inclined to encourage a democrat to run in that district if it appears David plans to run. Frankly, I think that if he runs, he has a better than even chance of winning the primary , and because of his issues-with the right democrat in the race- that could then make 137 an unexpected democratic pick-up in the house.

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