1. Jackets over Dogs says:

    Methinks this poll isn’t exactly accurate. Anyone close to thise race who was at the Christian Coalition event saw that Bill has done nothing but gain more momentum. He passed his Bill yesterday, and is only getting stronger. All you Handel fans that have passed this poll onto friends can feel good now, but it won’t last. I would be worried about beating Charlie Bailey at this point, we’re ready to bring on whichever Democrat wins in July.

  2. 4ofspades says:

    This poll is far from scientific. According to your past comments, Handel should have gotten killed at th CC event. At worst it was a draw.

  3. GAWire says:

    You guys get the “Obvious Statement of the Year” award for pointing out this poll isn’t scientific. Something tells me Erick wasn’t planning to sell this data when he put it up there (unless you count the ads as selling this data). It’s for fun, and interesting to see what kind of folks are visiting the site.

    One point about that Christian Coalition event … the folks at that event represent about 3% (No, that is not an actual scientific percentage – just a gross estimate) of the actual voting population that will actually turnout on Election Day. It is amazing the amount of supporters the C.C. can round up, especially from religious conservatives, and get them all rowdied up on the issues, but then can’t get them to turnout to actually vote.

    As for Stephens and Handel – I definitely agree that Stephens has continued to grow. Handel has too, and she has certainly proven that she is here to compete, but Stephens has just had more to work with. There is a lot of time left, though, and just like anything can happen in the Lt. Gov race, the SoS race shouldn’t be written off yet.

  4. publius says:

    spades, I love your objectivity. I am not one of you “insiders”, I am just a voter. I was at the CC event and my friend, you have a rather bizarre take on reality if you call the SOS forum a “draw” at worst. First let me say, I live in Stephens district, I voted for him last time and if the election were tomorrow, I would probably vote for him in the SOS race. With that said, there is plenty of time between now and the primary and I was looking forward to hearing what Karen Handel had to say. Let me tell you what made up my mind. First thing, Chairman Handel identified herself as a “Conservative”, which at the moment is very popular here in GA. I do however wonder what the truth is? I believe this is the same Karen Handel who was elected Chairman of the Fulton County Commission on a platform of reaching out to gays as well as being a member of the Log Cabin Republicans (according to the Southern Voice 11-7-03). Now I am not saying she was right or wrong but that is not exactly what most Georgians would consider “conservative” actions. In fairness this was for an election in Fulton County where this would be politically expedient. Perhaps GA conservatives will take comfort in knowing that after she was elected, she turned her back on the Gays that helped her win office (according to the Southern Voice 8-2-05). As far as qualifications, Chairman Handel did talk about her business experience; it is not just anyone who rises to such a lofty position to become the assistant to the assistant to the wife of the vice president! Now, I also know that Chairman Handel did eventually become the assistant to the assistant to Governor Perdue. No doubt Ms. Handel made sure the Governors coffee mug was always filled and I am sure she expertly connected many calls between the Governor and Bill Stephens when he was Governor Perdues’ floor leader in the Senate. I am not going to say that any one candidate “killed

  5. publius says:

    Nice to hear from you Beth. I can only hope and pray that one day, I too can be open minded and progressive enough to be able to attach nasty labels to someone I have never met; justified by my own narrow interpretation of something they have written or said.

  6. Jim M. says:

    Charlie Bailey is a bum and a bozo. The “other” votes must be for the Democrats, not old Charlie. Bill Stephens deserves the nomination and the job. Sonny should be ashamed at what is being done to help Karen Handel in his name. Sonny and his young flunkies have no concept of how he was elected.

  7. Tammi Metzler says:

    Alas, Bob Lamutt’s name surfaces again. I guess he’s still searching for relevance after losing the congressional race that was his to win.

  8. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Tam, I am pretty sure he goes by Robert.

    I guess you would have won, having every medical/anthesiologist PAC in the country putting 100,000s of dollars on the air for your opponent too.

  9. Tammi Metzler says:

    Brian, didn’t Lamutt pour $100,000s of his own money into his campaign? And he STILL didn’t win despite all that extra time he had to campaign instead of fundraise like his opponent?

  10. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Publius/Katie- Good points. Karen Handel is nothing but a wannabe assistant trying to make the most of being a woman in a man’s political realm.

    I was not at the Christian Coalition event, but I heard plenty about this supposed business experience. I think that is all that MisHandle can talk about because her political experience amounts to an abysmal County Commission that overtaxes and overspends.

    Much will be made about Bill’s philandering, his fines/ethics problems, and previously being a Democrat, but there is nothing that speaks better than a strong legislative record and the right relationships with all the lawyers and lobbyists around the Gold Dome. Bill will win this handily, and then stake his claim as a dangerous statewide candidate in 2010.

    Karen needs to crawl back towards the black hole of Republican politics that is Fulton County and pander to her gay friends.

  11. Brian from Ellijay says:


    What does it matter if Robert did put in a million or two of his own money. It was his money. And he still fundraised a hell of a lot. What I do know is he was outspent 4 to 1 in the run-off by the Anthesiologist PACs and AMPAC and AMA and all of the other Medical PACs and Special Interests.

    Tammi from all of your North Fulton rethoric, I am assuming that you are supporting Karen Handel. I hope so because her campaign manager was Roberts in 04. Way to expensive and will blow money like toliet paper.

  12. 4ofspades says:

    Stephens supporters are the same as the candidate, if cant win on issues they turn negative and spiteful

  13. Tammi Metzler says:

    Actually, Brian, I supported Price over Lamutt and am supporting Stephens over Handel. I tend to lean towards the smart, accomplished, personable, genuine candidates…

  14. 4ofspades says:

    No not you Brian. More like Jackets, Law and Publius. I do get a chuckle of how you have overstated your involvement in Karen’s County Chairman’s race.

    I had a chance to talk to her husband Steve at the CC event, and asked him about a Brian in that race. He stated that he was a volunteer, who really didn’t know anything about the real working of that campaign.

    Tammi way to go!

  15. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Spades, go look at her disclosure. That is all I am going to say. All do respect to Steve, do volunteers normally make 1500-2000 of a 2 week race? I need to start volunteering more if so.

  16. 4ofspades says:

    First, it was a 5 month race. Steve said they paid you few hundred dollars for the work you did putting out signs, and indicated that you were not the insider that you have claimed to be on this blog.

    We can play he said she said, I’m just passing on what I was told. If you have an issue, maybe you should take it up with Steve next time you see him (in your Casey red tee shirt).

  17. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I have never claimed to be an “insider,” yet I did claim to be a staffer. So I do not understand your statement.

    It is great how people start personally attacking on this website. I would hope that a website full staffers could actually be grown ups about things. The funny thing about it, is I have not professed to be supporting either announced candidate. Seems like you would save your anger for after someone comes out for a candidate.

  18. 4ofspades says:

    Brian – your posts cut an pasted below – looks like you claimed to be an insider, staffer, and leaning toward Stephens. I don’t write your posts, or make your claims…

    Brian from Ellijay said,
    November 15, 2005 @ 10:24 am


    I worked along with Nick Ayers and Matt Carruthers on this race. Being a paid staffer and insider on this, I can assure you that Rusty Paul was huge in that race.

    Brian from Ellijay said,
    January 12, 2006 @ 3:54 am


    Pretty good analysis, cept one thing. Bill while gaining lots of respect for being leadership, has not added alot of trust to his persona.

    I am from Gilmer County, have been on the Congressional and County committees for the GOP up there since Bill was representing us. He is not trusted. Also when his Senate seat got redistricted into Cherokee/Forsyth, he took a promised 4 million dollar library to Ellijay with him.

    I like Bill personally. And think I would vote for him over Karen. (And I was a staffer for Karen on her Chairman raise.) But would prefer…your candidate…Lamutt.

    Lamutt has already invested 3 million into the Atlanta media market in the 04 campaign….for those who do not know the Atlanta media market is from TN to Clayton County to Alabama to Athens.

    Lamutt is from/ and has represented Cobb County and Cherokee County for 10 years.

    Lamutt has the means to both raise money–one thing he was forced to learn in last cycle, and has donors egar to get him elected again. And to put in a little money…how much? …ehhh, lets just say enough to double what Karen and Bill will raise together.

    This will be a media raise. The candidate with the most name ID when the voter goes into the poll will win. Cobb will guarantee a spot in the runoff with either Bill or Karen. Robert picks up the others supporters by virtue of being the conservative or the better known candidate to the area. If you remember Fulton County knows Robert very well also.

    The battle ground here will be Gwinnett, Paulding, and Forsyth.

  19. Brian from Ellijay says:


    I worked on the campaign. I was in the office everyday 9-whatever Dinner event we had. I worked closely with Nick Ayers, Matt Carruthers and Patty Peach. You tell me if I was an insider or not. I do not see much difference from a staffer to an insider. Was I in on all the stragety that the State Party put together for Nick and Karen? NO, but I was very close to it. A hell of a lot closer I beleive than you were. But maybe I am wrong. Please enlighten me.

    As far as Steve, I guess the only time I did see him was when we were drinking or putting signs together at his house. Usually those efferts were combined.

  20. 4ofspades says:

    Like I said before, just repeating what I was told. Quite frankly I trust I guy I look in the eye vs. a guy making claims on what he is or was on a blog.

  21. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Well since you apparently knew who I was: “(in your Casey red tee shirt).” You should have came up and introduced yourself and asked me yourself. I have no idea who you are.

    “4ofSpades” does not tell much. Apparently “Brian from Ellijay” tells everyone exactly who I am.

    I did have both Karens and Bills staffers pulling me aside at the Christian Coalition event asking me about certain posts on here. Also at another event Jill Chambers cornered me about the SN as did Eric Johnson. I need to change it to something more discreet apparently if I am to be attacked so visciously for certain posts.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    As far as the Ping-Pong discussion goes on who is a better candidate, Bill Stephens or Karen Handel, the fact is that Mitchell Kaye had a fine, conservative record as a legislator, but got his ass handed to him in the 2002 primary against fellow legislator Kathy Cox.

    So, the belief that Stephens will win based on HIS record is an unsupported conclusion. The SOS position is not a position suited well for a legislator. Why? Because they tend to have zip for management skills. Couple that with Stephens’ inability to properly manage his own finances, and this state has a recipe for a MAJOR meltdown if that clown takes over as SOS.

  23. Jackets over Dogs says:

    Fulton county: the proud home of Mitch Skandalakiss, Mike Kenn, Jackie Barrett, Bill Campbell (sorta) and now, drumroll please… KAREN HANDEL

    Nice quote Katie. Lets hope she keeps it up!

  24. law303peachtreeroad says:

    “This afternoon, Senator Bill S tephens officially filed legislation to implement a voter verifiable paper audit trail on Georgia’s electronic voting machines. Senate Bill 500, the “2006 Georgia Accountability in Elections Act

  25. 4ofspades says:

    The first time he introduced the bill it was statewide and he couldn’t get it passed. Now it’s a three county trial and it’s a good thing? Maybe I’m confused but why does this demonstrate legislative expience? From what I hear the local elections officials think this is a terrible bill.

  26. nubie says:

    Wow spades.

    Does Handel pay you extra to defend her online? You pop up to answer anything slightly negative about her at every turn on this site. 🙂

    I’ve heard why you like Handel. Why don’t you like Stephens?

  27. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Nubie what is fun, is hint at supporting a third candidate and then let the pariahs attack from both sides. LOL. I have gotten a real kick out of it. Manipulating the game.

  28. 4ofspades says:

    Nubie, You are correct I am a big fan of Handel. She has done a great job at Fulton County, in a very difficult environment. I believe that and her business background make her a very good fit for the SoS job.

    For now I’ll let other folks attack Stephens.

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